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Jacob Elordi admits he’s just as thirsty for 2004 Brad Pitt as the rest of us: “That’s a beautiful man”

Jacob Elordi, wearing a striped t-shirt unbuttoned to reveal his chest hair and a black blazer looks away from the camera in front of a step and repeat. The background reads "Film at Lincoln Center."

Brad Pitt is a gorgeous man, but don’t just take our word for it.

Listen to Jacob Elordi, the performer behind Euphoria‘s resident homophobic (but kind of gay) jock –– and soon to be the face of Elvis Presley.

The hunky Aussie made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film Priscilla, in which he stars as the legendary “All Shook Up” singer alongside Cailee Spaeny.

During a game of “Firsts,” Fallon asked the 26-year-old about his first celebrity crush. With no hesitation, Elordi replied, “Brad Pitt. I think in Troy … that’s a beautiful man. There’s no denying it.”

Fallon also seemed to agree. And to be fair, we understand wholly!

While the 2004 Greek epic movie was critically panned, one cannot underestimate the power that a very shirtless (and occasionally nude) Pitt, who portrayed Achilles, had on a generation of gay men. Especially that one scene where he stripped down.

Elordi isn’t the only one who crushed on Pitt’s godlike appearance either. Back in 2022, Fire Island star James Scully revealed the film prompted his sexual awakening. “How am I supposed to not be gay when this movie exists,” he told Thrilist. (He was so real for that.)

This isn’t the first time Elordi has expressed his appreciation for Hollywood’s hottest leading men either.

In a 2021 interview with W Magazine, he called Orlando Bloom –– specifically his luscious-locked character Legolas in the Lord of the Rings series –– his first cinematic crush.

“I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is perfect,'” Elordi said. “He was so pure and fine.”

So Jacob, what’s the truth?! All kidding aside, we’ve got to admit, even though he told GQ he identifies as heterosexual, Elordi has got good taste in men.

And as for his portrayal of Nate Jacobs (who’s suspected to be closeted) in HBO’s Euphoria, Elordi told Variety that he doesn’t “really approach [the role] in terms of sexuality.”

“I always approach it in terms of family,” he explained. “I think the sexuality thing is born from his not having a relationship with his father, or not having the relationship he thinks he should have with his father and mother.”

That being said, there’s certainly a palpable level of homoeroticism in Elordi’s other upcoming film Saltburn, helmed by Promising Young Woman director Emerald Fennell.

The movie follows an acquaintance between Oliver (Barry Keoghan) and Felix (Elordi) at Oxford University. When Felix invites his new friend over to his family’s estate for summer holiday, Oliver quickly loses himself within a trippy world of partying and aristocracy, where everything is not as it seems.

In the trailer, we see Elordi kiss Keoghan on the forehead, feed him champagne from the bottle, and lounge by a lake in nothing but short-shorts. It’s all a little bit horny… and that aura is no mistake.

In fact, “[queerness is] part of the very fabric of the film,” Fennell told Pink News. “This is a film entirely about desire, and that desire takes every conceivable manifestation,” she explained.

Whew! It’s safe to we will be first in line to see this one when it hits theaters on November 23.

Catch the Saltburn trailer (and more thirst-worthy pics of Elordi) below.

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