Jake Williamson’s wood, Jwan Yosef’s spread, & Colton Underwood’s daddy

This week Nancy Pelosi took her gays out for drinks, Cher brought her hot 37-year-old boyfriend to Paris Fashion Week, and gay guys shared all the reasons they think they’re “undateable.” Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Garrett Swann took a class.

Tom Daley stretched.

Max Emerson showered outside.

Gus Kenworthy went to the beach.

Jwan Yosef opened up.

Jack Laugher set sail.

Eliad Cohen took a vacation.

Jordan Torres checked his phone.

Rauw Alejandro hit the gym.

Patrick McDonald took a hike.

Andy Mientus showed off.

Elliott Norris fixed a car.

Ronnie Woo had a snack.

Pedro Araujo rinsed off.

Sam Asghari worked the track.

Jake Williamson chopped wood.

Rebal D navigated the lake.

Ashley McKenzie admired himself.

Luke Evans took a nap.

And Colton Underwood treated his daddy.

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