James Franco Traces Gay Rumors Back To High School Bullying

Much has been said, written, speculated and fantasized about in regards to James Franco‘s sexuality. And while queer fare like Interior. Leather Bar and kink only stoke the flame, so to speak, it’s nothing that the actor-director-[insert other title here] isn’t accustomed to.

“In high school these girls got mad at me and so they spread this rumor that I was having a gay relationship with one of my closest friends,” he told MTV News . “And they even made up a little dance they would do in the girl’s locker room about me being gay. I still don’t know what the dance was.”

We’re assuming it wasn’t this:

Nowadays, however, Franco doesn’t let the rumors get to him, since he’s got bigger, gayer fish to fry.

“It wasn’t like it was anything new,” he said. “And in fact, it wasn’t something that frightened me, like if people think that, it’s fine. I really don’t care.”

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  • stfallon1028

    Come out already James, it’s much warmer outside of the closet. This ambiguity is such a tease

  • M


    James should trace the gay rumors back to when he started messing with guys.

    The “rumors” follow him everywhere he goes…NYU, UCLA, Columia, Hollywood, New York…

  • Kieran

    It’s not like it’s anything new to find out that females can be some of the biggest homophobes around. Our modern day American culture openly promotes and encourages the idea that any male who is not drooling like a dog at the very thought of having sex with any female that comes along must be a closeted gay and not a “real” man.

  • stephaniemotesbooks

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  • CivicMinded

    I think he just likes being a CT. It’s a control issue.

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