Janet Mock, Associate Editor Of People.Com Publically Discusses Her Trans Experience

SOUNDBITE — “Ten years ago, I was a senior at Kalihi’s Farrington High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, where I graduated near the top of class with an academic scholarship to the University of Hawaii. Yet I still cried myself to sleep nearly every night because I felt my anatomy didn’t match the beauty of my soul. I felt my sex organs grew in the wrong direction at my early development and I was given the wrong cocktail of hormones during puberty happy hour.

Though I knew deep down that what lied in between my legs did not define me, I still felt limited. I hated toweling off after a shower and fretting over my “tuck” (yes, I had to hide it some way!) and never dared to wear a bikini. I wanted to be “normal,” I wanted to hold hands with a boy, to wear a miniskirt without being called into the principal’s office, and go on with my days without worrying about the gender stuff.

I just wanted to be. I just wanted to be in a body that represented me at my best.”

Associate Editor for Janet Mock who discussed her transsexual experience this week in Marie Claire magazine in an It Gets Better video.