Jared Leto: ‘Just Kidding’ About That Being Gay Thing

Jared Leto

After all the attention Jared Leto received last week when he announced – over IM, no less – that he as gay as a goose, AfterElton files an update after some legwork: Jared was “just kidding,” according to his publicist Robin Baum. Baum, we should note, also represents Russell Crowe, and we all know how true her words were when it came to a certain phone throwing incident.

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  • rosanne

    who in their right mind would believe that jared is gay?? he is constantly playing games with the media, being intellectually superior than most of his interviewers. this is not just a pretty face, a talented actor and an amazing musician. give him some credit.

  • gabe

    wow… someone’s on jared’s sack…

    homegirl… he’s gay… deal with it.

  • green eyed beauty

    Jared is definitly NOTTTT gay he went out with all the beautiful hollywood hotties, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johanson Linsay Lohan Ashley Olsen.. etc!

  • Lynn

    well, i dont think hes gay either…i agree with green eyed beauty about cameron, scarlett,…

  • jonathin

    lol.. come on.. he’s obviously gay. is it that unfathomable to believe that he may “date” beautiful hollywood bimbos to give the impression he isn’t? It’s always funny to me that megafans will overlook the most blatant characteristics of their objects of affection if it doesn’t jive with what they want their star to be.

  • Jaredisawsome

    Jared is not gay he is sooo hot and is the best actor around.

  • RealityWillGetYou

    Jared was obviously doing this out of jest. Previously in the conversation he was talking about a gentleman who messes with the media and claims to be gay. During the entire interview he was just saying random things to see what would happen. He likes to play games and this was just another way for him to get his point across. Plus how many geese do you know that are really gay….come on…think about it in nature, have you seen a gay goose?

  • I_Smell_Like_Apple_Juice

    I agree with RealityWillGetYou…I have never seen a gay goose. Plus it seems like if you’re gay, the thing to do in Hollywood now it to just come out of the closet.

    Hmm…also who cares…I mean does it matter gay or not gay…we’re not going to change anything.

    Back to the gay geese, that would be some crazy shit, probably cause a downfall in the population and such.

  • sheerkitten

    i want to comment about “jonathin” okay, he wouldnt date all those celebs jus to give out an impression of what he isnt. now i dont kno him personally, but jared is not that pathetic and he has more class than that. – but anyways jared leto is the most amazing sexy actor to live if u ask me..i jus wanna say i would fuck that man if he was 90 years old mother fuckers!! lol email me jared!!

  • ilovejared


  • Devra

    Ladies out there,I hate to burst your bubble,but I have to say that if Jared is not gay,he is definitely bi (not that it”s anyone”s fucking business).He”s a hard working actor and musician and his personal life is his own.But this society comes down hard in a lot of different ways on what is really tolerated.The hipocracy is sickening.It”s o.k. to play a gay or bi character in a film, but let”s not get too real.Jesus,we Americans are such a sexually repressed bunch.Love is such a rare thing in this world.If you find it with someone,that”s all that matters.LOVE!!!!!!!

  • brittany

    jared is definetly NOT gay. or bi. hes the most talented person i know.

  • Trav

    Brittany- He’s the most talented person you know of.

    …therefore he couldn’t possibly be gay?
    Is that your point?

  • iLOVEjared

    see as if jared is gay!!!
    plus who wud say they wer gay as a goose??
    u wudnt even use dat in being gay
    he was only jkin so ppl who r sayin hes gay
    HE ISNT!!!
    get off his case
    jared is hot, talented n NOT GAY!!
    iLOVEjared leto

  • pimzalissie

    It would suck so bad if he was gay…
    and plus no one knows so whats the HUGE problem… hes hot!
    If he’s gay, he makin a lot of girls sad. If he straight, he makin a lot of guys sad. so he better be bi and we can all be happy.
    heheee lol but……….. i want him to be ALL mine >=)
    It doesn’t matter tho, coz he gawjus, he’s talented and…. we love him!
    i aint got nothing else to add!!!!…
    from the rockers of da world.
    Pimzy & Lissie

  • gosh

    HES BI OK!!!! well at least we want him to be and yess i totally agree wit pimzalissie bahahahaha =)

  • FUCK!

    Well… like… oh my god.
    It doesn’t actually matter because it aint like any of us are gonna get with him. So who cares wether he likes guys or girls or both.
    I just do not understand why somebody would say they were gay if they wern’t.
    Like, your all like ” He’s hot, so he aint gay” and its like… ummm why is he not gay for being hot???
    He is beautiful, and he is not a goose in the slightest.
    I have not seen a homosexual goose either. But I do not see anything the same in a goose and Jared Leto.
    Just… like… get over the whole gay or not gay thing and worship the god!

  • ale

    i think he s not and hate all you girls that just like the band because jared ,,,,, and all you think is that he is hot go to hell !!!!!!!you dont even see his acting or really listen to his music just thinking he is hot

  • Kyle

    I just saw him in taste of chaos and he rocks but get off his back!!! if he sayz hes gay then let him be gay if he isnt gay who carez your all losers! can anyone else ever tell someone if their gay or not? hes the only one wholl ever know and deal with it!!

  • dollarbitch$

    ok just because he played a gay guy character doesnt mean hes gay i mean he dated cameron diaz for 4 years and i dont think someone that pretty could be a guy and also he dated scarlett johansson and we all know what lindsay lohan is but shes still a girl sooooooooooo and hes sooooooooo hot and his eyes are so beautiful and standout in every movie or picture he is in my end statement is not gay I mean I have nothing against gay people at all It doesnt matter if they are gay because if someone loves another person they should have to worry about gender but seriously people hes not gay no offence to anyone I hope

  • StormRage

    I have to agree with the majority…he’s either a very good actor (did you see what he does in the last uncut version of Alexander?) or in the best case scenario he is bisexual. All in all, who cares? It’s he’s own business who he sleeps with…:P

  • cute

    Hey he is not gay ok? I slept with him and he is animal in bed!! lok at him? is he lookin anything like bi or gay? he is hot and charming and fucks so gog, if u didnt try it dont talk stupid thinks about it just sush!! looosers

  • Irisha

    I think he was kiding about that…He’s fuckin crazy…he do crazy things all the time…I don’t think he was serious…plus if he was really gay he wouldn’t tell it…

  • tklsinger

    Have you ANY idea how much strain his publicist and managers are putting on him to maintain a certain image for marketing reasons. Coming out of the closet is like CAREER SUICIDE, and MOST closeted performers choose to keep their careers and NOT come out. That was a BRAVE move he made, give him some credit for that!

  • GazMc86

    hahaha i love the fact that all the horny girls are getting angry about this. it’s quite hillarious. move along slags!

    oh and btw, when you kiss the lips of Jared on that poster you got on your wall ever night remember this, HE’S BEEN SUCKING COCK WITH THOSE LIPS muahahahahahahaha…stupid bitches.
    and hes not even that hot (gasp!)
    30 secs own!

  • mouse

    GazMc86 you right!lol
    bitches stop dreaming you will never have Jared,the only thing you can do is kissing that poster you got on your wall.haaahaahhaahhahhahha
    stupid girls

  • liii

    okay he is not gay
    he said he was just kidding and if he was actually gay wouldnt he be with some hot guy by now?…
    i mean come on he is so sexy

  • car0line

    He is so gay, and i know it because i am rick his lover!!!! come to me tabloids im all u need! jk

  • lilaa

    who cares if he is gay or not 30seconds to mars owns
    as long as they keep playing its all good

  • pamqnyc

    Well known fact throughout Hollywood that while Jared is not “gay” as most people would think, he’s certainly not straight. If labels are a must he’s completely bisexual. Hello people.. sexuality is complicated and not so black & white. Jeez!

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