Jean Paul Gaultier Is Back In Vogue With Ballroom-Themed Fashion Show

Legendary French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier famously designed Madonna‘s conical bustier during the halcyon days of 1990, when Madge was blonde and had ambition, riding high on the success of “Vogue” — her homage to/rip-off of ballroom culture immortalized in the documentary, Paris Is Burning. For his spring 2014 show, Gaultier made the real Paris burn in a rousing example of the showmanship that propelled him to fame all those decades ago when he was known as l’enfant terrible of the French fashion scene.

The highlight of the show arrives around the 5:00 mark in the form of supermodel of the world Karlie Kloss, giving more angles than a geometry quiz to the Scissor Sister’s “Let’s Have a Kiki.” The fashion folk are too chic and dead inside to show emotion, but if this was a real ball a crowd of queens would have jumped out of their seat screaming and wagging their fingers in approval.

Strike a pose:


Wind it up:


You own everything:


King Tut ain’t got shit. On. You:

karlie-jpg-4So since the front row at Gaultier didn’t acknowledge the werq being put in, here Miss Karlie. Take one of these, from us to you: