Jenner, Seacrest Love Homoerotic Reality

While we typically eschew reality television about rich twats, we’re oddly, embarrassingly excited for this new offering:

You wanna be Paris Hilton’s BFF? What about a seat in Brody Jenner’s entourage? The The Hills professional hanger-on has scored his own Ryan Seacrest-produced reality show, Bromance, which will spit out six episodes on MTV where other fame seekers compete to hang out at Hyde with Jenner.

To make this an even more homoerotic experience – you know, besides naming the show Bromance – contestants voted off the show will be ousted in a Hot Tub Elimination Ceremony, where losers will be sent home dripping wet in their swimsuit. And that’s after the guys go on “group dates” and try to score “alone time” with Jenner.

Please, god, let their be a blow-off…


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