Jim McGreevey Outraged Over Gay Politico Doc


If there are two things former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey definitely is, it’s “drama queen” and “publicity whore.” The Gay American who left office amid a gay sex scandal, with his wife by his side, has profited nicely from his story of sexual identity secrecy. But when it was all aired out in Outrage, the new doc about anti-gay gay politicos, he stormed out of the premiere.

Screened to the public for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival, Outrage (from This Film Is Not Yet Rated director Kirby Dick) is the wet dream of activists like Mike Rogers, who thrive on outing and publicizing homophobic hypocrites.

But apparently, not for McGreevey, who was pissed ex-wife Dina was interviewed for the film. Uh, ya think? Giggles the Washington Blade‘s Kevin Naff:

McGreevey is reportedly upset that his ex-wife Dina was interviewed for the project. She’s still playing the wounded, naïve victim – supposedly unaware her husband was having sex with men at rest stops and cheating on her with male staffers. Dina, like her ex-husband, is a talented actor. In the film, she laments being duped and claims her life and that of her daughter were “destroyed.”

Not to be outdone, McGreevey manages crocodile tears while recounting how he prayed to his dead grandmother after coming out, relieved that he could finally live his “truth.”


UPDATE: Did McGreevey actually not storm out? indieWIRE’s Peter Knegt, who sat two rows in front of the ex-gov, says McGreevey stayed in his seat. And Queerty commenter Bingobear, who was also there, says he “certainly did not storm out.” Michelangelo Signorile also wonders what Naff is talking about.

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  • Lance Rockland

    Yeah he’s a self-serving phony.

    I’d still sleep with him.

    Jim, call me!

  • AlwaysGay

    Heterosexuals can’t comprehend that anti-gay pretending to be heterosexual gay people are a bad reflection on them. Getting married to a woman and being anti-gay was apart of the cover for these closeted politicans, they did it to blend in with heterosexuals.

  • ousslander

    @AlwaysGay: I think they did it beause they thought it would help them blend in better and also because he, McSkeevey is an amoral narcissist. He would have sold out his own mother if he thought it would advance him. I feel sorry for his boyfriend unless he knows he’s just being used as a piggy bank and image prop.

  • hardmannyc

    What a bitchy comment from Washington Blade. Dina McGreevey really was deceived. What’s so unbelievable about that?

  • Alec

    @hardmannyc: I find both of them about equally despicable at this point. The only one I really feel sorry for is their daughter.

  • bingobear

    I sat behind McGreevy at the premiere last Friday. While I felt uncomfortable for him at the sight of Dina McGreevey on film playing the victim, Mr. McGreevey certainly did not storm out…

  • pk

    I was at the premiere, and McGreevy was sitting a few rows behind me. He did not storm out.. even staying through the Q&A period.

  • Qjersey

    Naff is a hack trying to be the next Signorile

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    YOU’RE sooo funny!! lol!

    I love it how this women who are groomed for being the wife of a would be mayor or politician are ablt to made up as victims due to the warped politically correctness in the media!

    Hands up if you laughed out loud when we all eventually found that spritzers wife knew about it all from the go!



  • Bruno

    The Blade obviously lying about McGreevey’s reaction shows something important I assume this movie addresses: our own homophobia towards these closet cases. In my opinion, while it’s wrong to hide oneself for political or career gains, we all understand that in our public society it’s been almost impossible to be out until (somewhat) recently. I don’t know if McGreevey is any kind of good or bad person, but I think the trend amongst the LGBT community is vilify these people, when we should be vilifying the homophobia that created them instead.

  • Lucky Luke

    Staying in the closet is a bad thing, of course, people shouldn’t be vilified by it. Marryng a woman, cheating on her with guys and being also homophobic in their political views? The guy should be vilified too.

  • Bruno

    @Lucky Luke:

    If you’re referring to McGreevey, he wasn’t homophobic politically, he got through NJ’s first domestic partnership laws. Of course, he did cheat on his wife and was dishonest with himself and others, but that’s his private life. Who are we to judge the lives of others so harshly?

  • Lucky Luke

    I was talking in general, not his case specifically. And there was always the chance the wife knew it all along.

  • TANK

    staid in his seat, huh? Well, that takes poise.

  • strumpetwindsock

    You don’t get to that high a political office without having some political sense, and a bit of a thick skin.

    If there was any chance he would have walked out he would have been a fool to go there in the first place.
    Plus, if it were true he would have been dragging the last shred of his political career out the door with him.

  • Alec

    @strumpetwindsock: He’s definitely not going after a political post. As I understand it (from the various court filings), he’s studying to become an Episcopalian priest.

    The court filings, on-air disputes and legal bills are what make me question their behavior. I can accept the difficulty of living in the closet, or having a closeted husband, but judging by the opinion in the case they had very little regard for their daughter’s well being and were primarily interested in using the court as a method of revenge:

    Read it for yourself.

  • strumpetwindsock

    You’re right. That’s icky.
    On the other hand maybe that career in the priesthood has something to do with the divorce case.

    And I expect you’re familiar with his habits. I know nothing about the guy (except that he is clearly not old yet)..

    I’m just going on the tendency of politicians to never really be gone until they’re nailed in a box and buried.

  • Tony

    @AlwaysGay: I understand that completely.

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