“Kids are off limits!” screams Jon Stewart about the attacks on Willow Palin, just because she took to Facebook to call some kid a “faggot.” Stewart sort of sounds like the kiddies at GOProud, a sentence I never thought I’d read, let alone be the one to write. And while I completely agree that the children of politicians shouldn’t be subjected to additional scrutiny because they are in the public eye, I have a general rule: Calling people hateful slurs is unacceptable for human beings of any age. We’ve identified other online and offline trolls regardless of age, because behavior that is dismissed as “kids just being kids” far too often becomes “teens just tormenting other teens” and then “adults just assaulting other adults.” Should Willow be dragged through the mud for the next two years over a stupid Facebook comment? No. Should we use the opportunity to pressure her mother to recognize that anti-gay bullies hit close to home? Absolutely. Since when did we offer one iota of tolerance to cyber bullies?

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