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Joy Behar slammed for telling gay people to just “come out” and “see what happens”

Joy Behar on The View
Joy Behar on The View (Photo: ABC/Twitter)

Joy Behar has been widely criticized for her Thanksgiving message to viewers on The View. On Wednesday’s episode, the show’s hosts talked suitable topics of conversation around the Thanksgiving table.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said people should avoid talking about politics, but Behar, 79, jumped in and said she enjoyed conversations about difficult subject matters at Thanksgiving. That’s when she added that people should use the opportunity to come out.

“Everybody out there, come out to your family this Thanksgiving,” Behar said. “Just come out!”

Goldberg, seeking clarification, responded, “Come out … the door?”

“No, come out gay,” responded Behar.

She then went on to say that life is short and people should strive to be their authentic selves. She added, “Come out, be yourself. Don’t let anybody tell you what you have to be in this life.”

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Although few would disagree with her latter statement about the importance of being one’s authentic self, some were left unimpressed about Behar blithely telling people to come out over the holidays and “see what happens”.

Sure, the fear of other people’s reactions may be worse than the reality, but many people still sadly face a bad reception from loved ones. Most people think coming out is something one should do only when ready.

Many thought Behar’s comments tone-deaf and ill-judged.

Behar has previously been praised for her coverage of LGBTQ issues. In 2010, GLAAD gave her an Excellence in Media award for her “fair and accurate” coverage of the community on her CNN show, ‘The Joy Behar Show.’

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However, she can occasionally dropped the ball.

Earlier this year she was criticized when she made a joke about NFL player Carl Nassib coming out as gay. A discussion on Nassib included some football terms Behar was unfamiliar with, leading her to quip, “After they said penetration in the end zone, they lost me!”

She later apologized for the remark.