Julia Child singing a Frank Sinatra duet with her drag doppelgänger at a gay bar has to be just about the queerest thing on straight television this year, thus far. Somebody better tip a b*tch with filet mignon. 

Spoiler Alert: In episode 5 of HBO’s Julia, fellow chef James Beard (Christian Clemenson) invites Julia (Sarah Lancashire) for an exciting night out during her weekend trip in San Francisco, though he fails to mention the venue’s theme of men who have sex with men. What can possibly go wrong? 

Julia immediately glances around the visibly queer space with unease and discomfort, expressing to James that he should’ve warned her. Talk about a hetero buzzkill. He responds sheepishly, “I was afraid you wouldn’t come.” But thankfully, it’s fiction based on facts, and the show writers knew the last thing we need on our screens is another LGBTQ hindered person. But no boring bigots to be seen here, as the scene closes in notorious Julia-style with her realizing the absolute sanctuary and liberation of her surroundings.

You can’t help but think about your own mom and wonder how she would react, most likely, not unlike Julia if she would be unexpectedly ambushed by homosexuals and her manly clone. However, as America’s favorite chef’s facial expression transforms from confusion to endearment, she becomes a motherly beacon for every gay unable to share this experience with their parent. Don’t we all wish our mom to be a little conservative, a little old-fashioned, but also an independent woman who don’t need no man? In the series, Julia’s personality dances beautifully between a woman of her time and a lady of the future. 

As Julia accepts Drag Julia’s offer to join her on stage for a comical rendition of “It Had to Be You,” this would be a good time to refill your poison. A+ for effort, but like any brave drag queen who chooses to sing live, they’ll sound better with every drink. 

Here is the official trailer for the series below:

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