dumb and dumber

Just when we didn’t think Laura Ingraham could get any dumber, this happened…

Laura Ingraham is definitely being parodied on SNL this weekend.

The Fox News propagandist is currently the laughingstock of Twitter after last night’s episode of The Ingraham Angle when she got into a screaming match with a guest over the Netflix show You, which she mistakenly thought was about her.

Ingraham opened Monday night’s show in usual fashion: By slamming President Biden’s “Team of Incompetents” and questioning whether he’s even capable of doing his job as president.

“America is truly in danger,” she said, “under a president who is physically and mentally deteriorating before our eyes … real chaos is unfolding.”

Little did she know, the chaos was just beginning.

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Later in the episode, Ingraham had her old buddy Raymond Arroyo on to bitch about how scripted TV shows cater too much to leftwing viewers, particularly around topics like vaccines and COVID-19.

At one point, Arroyo brought up the hugely popular Netflix show, saying, “I was watching an episode of You when measles came up.” Ingraham quickly interrupted to ask, “Wait, wait, wait. When did I mention measles?”

“I don’t know,” Arroyo replied. “It was on You.”

“What was on me?” a confused Ingraham answered. “What are you talking about?”

Things only got worse from there. Because Ingraham quickly started to get annoyed with her guest. Like, really annoyed.

“We never did a measles and vaccine episode!” she quipped. “Is this a joke?”

“I know!” Arroyo yelled back. “It was on You! It was on You!

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Then Ingraham, still not understanding that there’s a show on Netflix called You and that Arroyo wasn’t referring to her own show, started shouting about the measles and calling everything stupid.

“Raymond! I’ve never had measles! What are you talking about? This is stupid!”

Arroyo tried to explain: “It was an episode of a show, Laura.”

“What’s it called?”

You! You! It’s called You!

The absurd exchange continued for a while longer before both trolls eventually gave up and Arroyo said he was moving on to talk about Adele instead.


Some believe the whole thing was scripted and that it wasn’t intended to be taken seriously. Others beg to differ.

Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter…

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