Our new favorite person on The Real World: Brooklyn? Ryan. He’s the straight Iraqi veteran who’s taken a keen interest in all things Katelynn, the MTF transgender roommate, who until last night’s episode had come out to everyone but the straight guys (and Devon, but that got taken care of too). But then Ryan approached her directly — and learned all about the process of transitioning. And after all the joking and the misinformation, we see Ryan as a pretty decent guy: naturally curious, and pretty okay with things outside his comfort zone once he gets acclimated. Katelynn always wanted to tell her roommates THE BIG SECRET on her own terms, but everyone had guessed by this point, and those who were unsure were told by … none other than gay roommate JD. So guess who’s pissed at JD? Roll footage!

We walked into this season of The Real World thinking dolphin training hottie JD Ordonez was just the type of gay representation we were looking for the show: Educated, worldly, cute, a cheerleader for gay rights, and not there just to hook up. But when the cameras are rolling, the worst come out. Namely, his protective alliance with Katelynn (the MTF transgender) seems to have blown up, all because he let her secret spill when he was drunk or just hanging with the guys.

Was he just doing her a favor in softening the news shock to the straight guys of the house? Or did he violate some trust boundary when he told all?

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