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Ken Cuccinelli Doesn’t Believe Gayness Is a ‘Fireable Offense,’ Would Still Defend College’s Right to Fire Gays

When bigot and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told an audience yesterday that his first two and a half months on the job have “been pretty boring,” he was LOLing. But just because this is the same guy that doesn’t want homosexuals to be a protected class doesn’t mean he’s the guy who wants homosexuals to face discrimination. But, uh, he’d have fun making the legal case for it.

Speaking at Liberty University — home to America’s leading academic thinkers — Cuccinelli tells a reporter that “no,” being gay is not a “fireable offense,” a remark that comes immediately after he says he could make a legal argument for it.

(Meanwhile, according to Cuccinelli’s accounting, his lawsuit against the federal government to block the new health care legislation will cost just $350. Haha.)