war on gays

Kicking 3,660 Gay Troops Out Of The Military Cost America $193.3 Million

Though the military has virtually always had a blanket ban on gays serving, it was in 1993 that they were “allowed” to join the armed forces, so long as they kept quiet about it. Now, an idea of how much that cost, in dollars and cents: $193.3 million in the six years between 2003 and 2009, according to the Government Accountability Office, tasked with creating expense models for Congress. That’s how much taxpayers put forth to replace some 3,660 troops, at an average cost of $52,800. Of course the actual dollar amount is much higher when you consider the many more thousands of discharged gays from before 2003. So when you next see any of the Republican lawmakers who are trying to keep DADT alive a little bit longer by requiring all four military branch chiefs to certify its repeal, call them the ultimate of conservative slurs: overspenders.

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