Kobe Bryant Schools Fan For Using “Gay” Insult

kobe-bryantKobe Bryant has clearly learned from his past mistakes as he proved over the weekend when he scolded a fan for using “gay” as an insult.

Last night a fan, @pooke09, tweeted at Bryant that he wanted to “make out in bed” with him, which is understandable. Then another fan, @PacSmoove, tweeted the requisite homophobic jibe: “You’re gay.”

Bryant, who was fined $100,000 back in April 2011 when he referred to a referee as a “faggot”, was having none of that however, and replied:

Just letting you know@PacSmoove @pookeo9 that using “your gay” as a way to put someone down ain’t ok! #notcool delete that out ur vocab

@PacSmoove didn’t seem to take much out of the lesson except that he gained “mad followers,” but at least Kobe’s trying to teach the children.

(h/t: BuzzFeed)