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Kristen Stewart & Mackenzie Davis chat about love under a microscope in ‘Happiest Season’

Stewart & Davis (middle & right) on set with director Clea DuVall

Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis have the kind of name-value few actors ever achieve.

Stewart, of course, came of age playing the lead in the Twilight film series, before also nabbing roles in hits such as The Runaways, Snow White & the Huntsman and JT LeRoy. Davis exploded onto the scene in the mid 2010s, playing formidable characters in Blade Runner 2049, Terminator: Dark Fate and most recently, Irresistible. Now the two thriving actors team up for the holiday comedy Happiest Season–one of several queer-themed holiday films finally arriving this year. The movie streams on Hulu November 25.

Happiest Season casts Stewart as Abby, the doting girlfriend of Harper (Davis). When the two decide to get engaged, Harper invites Abby to spend the Christmas holidays with her family. There’s just one problem: Harper isn’t out to her perfectionist family. Things get even more awkward when Harper’s Dad (Victor Garber) announces some new political ambitions, while her mom (Mary Steenburgen) plots to reunite Harper with her high school boyfriend. By the time Abby’s best friend John (Dan Levy) arrives on the scene, is there any hope of preventing the holidays from derailing into chaos? Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, Mary Holland and Ana Gasteyer also star, while openly gay actress/writer/director Clea DuVall helms the project.

We snagged time with Davis & Stewart to talk about their roles, their careers and playing a couple in the new movie. Happiest Season streams on Hulu November 25.



Video Editor: David Beerman