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“Gaga!” Courtney Love Says, “Don’t Die A Lonely Old Drag Queen!”

Cyberspace lit up like Tinkerbell’s dander when Maer Roshan posted part 1 (of 2) of the profanity-riddled interview with Courtney Love on TheFix.com.

Roshan is no stranger to controversy (he “outed” Ricky Martin years ago, when he was the Executive Editor of New York Magazine, and later segued to Deputy Editor of Tina Brown’s Talk). Courtney Love side swiped Roshan’s orbit when she agreed to be interviewed for Roshan’s new addiction / recovery site, TheFix.com. Roshan’s two-part interview with the pop priestess/trainwreck took eight months (yes, eight months).

There are so many “high”lights in the interview, every graph is a delight. We particularly liked Courtney’s description of herself as a “shameless skank” and blaming journalists for Kurt Cobain’s death for having described the couple as taking heroin when Courtney was pregnant. Courtney argues that she didn’t know she was pregnant, so getting high on heroin didn’t count.

Many latched onto the Love’s awesomely “provocative” (read, “I plan to overdose soon, because I’ll never work in this town again”) statement:

You know what’s funny? People in the flyover states tend to think that all the celebrities on both coasts are constantly high. They think that we’re all on some uber-drug. But the thing is, they’re kind of right. But somehow most of them manage to function, more or less. The biggest celebrities and movers and shakers I know are also some of the worst alcoholics and drug addicts. But you’d never know it by looking at them.

When we read this, we were like, Really? All celebrities are .. high? Like, ON DRUGS? No way!!! Seriously, it was as “provocative” a statement as Harold Camping’s prediction that the world would end on May 21, 2011 – our panties got all up in a bunch from the excitement, and we had to run to the bathroom and unbunch.

But what most people missed, or just didn’t care about – though we did – was Courtney Love’s advice to Lady Gaga, an advisory role she claims to have played for former movie actress, Lindsay Lohan:

“Lady Gaga is very young, and very talented, but she surrounds herself with this coterie of gay stylists who’ve turned her into a Barbie doll. If she doesn’t watch out she’ll turn into a lonely drag queen.”

Later in the interview, Maer comes to Gaga’s defense (“Lady Gaga seems to be doing okay”) but Courtney’s not having it:

She may be doing fine at the moment, but I’m worried about her future. She’s very young, and she’s very talented, but she doesn’t seem to have any female friends. Or any straight guy friends for that matter. Instead, she surrounds herself with this coterie of gay stylists and advisers who’ve turned her into this weird, sexless Barbie doll. I was raised by gay guys myself, and I turned out all right in the end. But you know, you can only pull off this meat-dress act for so long. If she doesn’t watch out she’ll turn into a lonely drag queen. Straight guys just aren’t in to that kind of thing.

Because, as everyone knows, drag queens are all lonely, and suggesting that couldn’t ever be construed as, um, slightly homo/transphobic?

Oh, Courtney, I think we get what you meant to say was, “From one aging fag hag, to another fag in the making, ‘Get some dick, girl!’”

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  • Tommyixi

    I don’t think Courtney was trying to be homophobic; I think what she’s saying is completely nonsensical and outlandish. I’m positive that Gaga does have straight girl friends because she’s always hanging out with someone in her tiny documentaries that she uploads to youtube. I don’t think Gaga lacks friends at ALL and is probably too wrapped up in her own world to even consider dating/hooking up with guys. Lady Gaga is a young woman and is making fantastic career decisions that will only make her more rich and popular. When could she ever find time to meet a man?

    I think Love is just a washed up celebrity who has done one too many drugs and thinks she has a full on grasp on what the world has to offer. Most of the time what she says is utter garbage with little to no substance. I don’t know if I would say that Gaga is a “sexless Barbie doll” considering she performs in basically her underwear. Granted, Love also said that she “turned out all right in the end,” which completely invalidates any perspective she has on what defines a “successful” life.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Any other advice, Courtney?

    Uh..Yeah! Don’t shoot your husband in the face with a shotgun, and try to make it look like a suicide.

  • EdWoody

    “and I turned out all right in the end.”


  • christopher di spirito

    Dear Courtney,

    You counsel Lady Gaga, “If she doesn’t watch out she’ll turn into a lonely drag queen. Straight guys just aren’t in to that kind of thing.”

    So you’re arguing that pleasing straight guys is the most important thing in the world?

    Please, princess, I think Lady Gaga will be just fine.

  • Stanley

    I’m seeing things, right? You really didn’t get the first name wrong of the most influential artist of the last fifty years, did you?

    In case I really did see what I think I saw, I submit a correction. His name is Kurt, not Kirk.

  • Lucas

    She’s a fucking mess, but I love her.

    Hole was an amazing band and I always go back to the masterpiece of pop rock that is Celebrity Skin. Malibu is my fave song ever!

  • Allen D.

    Anyone that continues the whole “she killed Kurt” thing needs to die. How do you think Frances feels reading that shit constantly?? Fucking assholes. Courtney is talent personified. Gaga’s a fad. Seriously, is anything she’s saying NOT true??!?!

  • ewe

    words of wisdom from a talentless dead looking drug addict.

  • ewe

    @Allen D.: get a grip. She is only famous because of Kurt Cobain. otherwise she would be a whore turning tricks and searching on her knees for plaster to smoke in a 30.00 a night residential hotel.

  • afrolito

    Courtney is a mess, but she’s super talented, and her advice to Gaga is spot on. I’m sure Gaga will come to the same conclusion on her own tho.

  • robert in NYC

    She’s a washed out has been. What a a despicable ting to say, this from a woman who was raised by two gay men. How does she know Lady Gaga doesn’t have any straight friends and why is that necessary anyway? What does it prove and what is the purpose? Obviously Courtney Love doesn’t have many gay friends to make such a dumb comment. How’s her stellar career doing lately? What have straight friends done for her lately? She’s not too bright.

  • sdyue

    surrounded by gay stylists… (or musicians?)… i’ve already met one who is around lady ga-ga who self-identifies as ‘straight’ even though he doesn’t seem it by the way he treats me and what he says… also says ‘he’s famous unlike me’… and is clearly transphobic (many gays are transphobic… oh well, i cannot do much about that can i?)

  • Cam

    Um, Courtney said that she turned out allright??? Wow.

  • Allen D.

    Hole was outselling Nirvana 2:1 when Courtney and Kurt got together. So, fuck yourself Ewe. Courtney still puts out brilliant albums (whereas Gaga went straight to shit with her 2nd).

    And you’ve gotta love the self-important “Lady Gaga doesn’t have any straight friends and why is that necessary anyway?” comment. Straight women DO need straight men in their lives. They need love, sex, etc. It was initially awkward when my # 1 gal pal got a boyfriend. But, I got through it. When your lady friends decide that they DO need more than you, you’ll be ok too.

  • Eric

    @Allen D.: Sorry Allen she is not talented personified. She is talent wasted and lost. Hole was awesome. WAS. It’s over and has been over. the 90’s are gone. Kesha is a fad…GAGA will Endure. she knows how to market herself just like the old artists knew how to sell them selves. But Courtney needs to get clean stay clean and take care of her daughter. Being a skank is not title a mother should have.

  • Cam

    @Allen D.: said…

    “Hole was outselling Nirvana 2:1 when Courtney and Kurt got together. So, fuck yourself Ewe. Courtney still puts out brilliant albums (whereas Gaga went straight to shit with her 2nd).”

    Yeah, because back then Nirvanna was selling 5 CD’s and Hole wa selling 10. Hole has ONLY put out amazing CD’s when Courntey seems to be able to get help. Their Live Through This CD hit when Courntey was with Kurt and was similar to Nirvanna’s Grundge.

    Celebrity Skin was rythmic and rocky and HOT has hell…oh and sounded a lot like Smashing Pumkins….funny how Billy Corrigan from that group later came out and said he’d basically put the entire CD together for them.

    GaGa, love her or hate her has written something like 10 top 5 hits. Hole reminds me of Amy Winehouse, a “What could they have been if…..” story. If GaGa Lasts she’ll be another Madonna, if she doesn’t, she will at least be another Duran Duran or Culture Club defining a period of musical time. It’s a shame Courtney couldn’t keep her act together, especially because of her relationship with her daughter.

  • robert in NYC

    What has Love done for equality lately? Name one thing! What a loser!

  • Tonic

    @Allen D

    As a former Courtney fan, I can say (along with many, MANY of her former fans – even the staunch ones admit she’s gone to shit if you check her forums) that any talent she has/had has been wasted wantonly. Having used to enjoy her music, I now can’t stand to hear anything she says or sings because of the joke she’s become. She destroys anything and everything she’s connected with.

    Gaga is a fierce advocate AND artist. Her second album – the first that I’ve bought – is wonderful and highly more impressive than I expected.

    Courtney giving advice to ANYONE is laughable at best and should be ignored.

  • Lucky Luke

    I do love her, but it’s very sad sad to see what she turned into.

    It was all downhill after Hole disbanded. She looked so pretty in the late 90’s, great music. So sad.

  • Velocifero

    She is trying to get noticed by dropping Gaga’s name. Pathetic. And that god awful Real House Wives plastic surgery. A punk does not go and do Botox idiots. She looks and reminds me of Nancy Spungeon.

  • Allen D.

    “What has Love done for equality lately? Name one thing! What a loser!” — Courtney and Kurt were talking about gay rights LONG before it became hip and trendy. And if everyone thinks she’s a joke, etc – maybe she’s doing what’s best for the movement by NOT being involved (even though I think things like Gaga’s meat dress, screaming like a psycho over don’t ask, don’t tell, etc has done more harm than good for the gay world).

    Besides, I wasn’t aware that every celebrity owed us action for “equality”.

    And why’s everyone talking like Frances is some little girl, in desperate need of a mommy? She’s 18 years old for fuckssakes. She and Courtney’s relationship is just fine.

    Courtney was ALL fucked up making “Live Through This”. Or were you trying to be another one of those douchebags claiming that Kurt wrote it? You should do some reading about what everyone else involved with the albums has said about those stupid rumors. Same with the Corgan thing. Billy was properly credited for his contributions to the album. Courtney can write awesome things. It’s too bad that so many idiots are unwilling to beleive that. A good femals songwriter, not hiding behind disco beats and synthesizers… imagine that.

    I don’t care what former fans, etc think of her new work. Your opinion doesn’t equal fact. I think it’s fantastic. “America’s Sweetheart” was pretty good. “Nobody’s Daughter” is SUPERB (especially if you download the mostly-acoustic version of it).

    Initially, I hated Lady Gaga. Then I started being able to -tolerate- a few of her songs. But really, her fans ruin it for me. This stupid fag-herd-mentality that she can do no wrong, she’s perfect, etc. It’s obnoxious.

  • Lucky Luke

    My favorite song in Nobody’s Daughter is Honey. LOVE IT!

  • Allen D.

    @Lucky Luke — Agreed! I love that song. Lyrics definitely hit home in a lot of ways. Definitely my favorite on the ‘final’ version of the album. If you haven’t heard the ‘rough version’, you should look for the torrent with this tracklist:

    01. Pacific Coast Highway.mp3
    02. For Once In Your Life.mp3
    03. Letter To God.mp3
    04. Stand Up Motherfucker.mp3
    05. Loser Dust.mp3
    06. Dirty Girls.mp3
    07. Never Go Hungry Again.mp3
    08. Nobody’s Daughter.mp3
    09. Happy Ending Story.mp3
    10. Car Crash.mp3
    11. Sunset Marquis (Piano Version).mp3

    It’s very different than the final version that came out. I listened to it 5x in a row when I downloaded it. Made me think, made me tear up, etc. This version of Pacific Coast Highway is super fantastic too. Here’s a link on BTjunkie.org (if you’re familiar with it):


    For that matter, maybe all the “former fans” should take a listen too. It’s beyond great.

  • Kenneth

    Thanks to the all who have taken their precious time to prepare this site.My God give you more insight as you try to give hope to fellow brothers and sisters who going through hard times because of their nature,especially for us here in Uganda.The gay world should Know that we here are fought from all angles, Being in government, Church, School and club.
    My prayer is that may God Open away where we shall run our own institutions here .

  • Allen D.

    That puts some thing in perspective, I suppose.


    It’s funny the damn “gay community” can overlook certain shit some celebs say but try and roast others.

  • Lucky Luke

    [email protected]Allen D.:

    Thanks for the link!

    PCH is indeed much better in the demo version. The final one is way too poppy.

  • Lindsey

    GAGA sucks courtney is crazy… that is all

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