Laganja Estranja Releases Catchy New Single ‘Legs’ Featuring Rye Rye

Laganja Estranja has released her first single, a catchy track called ‘Legs,’ featuring sickening vocals from Billboard-ranked rapper Rye Rye.

‘Legs’ is Laganja’s first personal track, released under the guidance of High Kicks Entertainment. She first entered the music scene when she was featured on Krysta Young’s fierce track ‘Gold Grill BBQ‘ back in July 2014.

Being the international fish that she is, Laganja celebrated the release of her new single while traveling on tour across the United Kingdom. Check for all of her upcoming tour dates.

Listen to the fierce track above, and if you love Laganja’s ‘Legs’ as much as we do, buy it now on iTunes and Amazon Music.

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