Memoir "Therapeutic."

Lance Bass Lost It With Theater Queen

Lance Bass‘ new memoir Out of Sync gives readers all the gory details of his coming of age, including his first homo-encounter. Writes NYDN‘s Ben Widdicombe:

Bass says he first learned about the birds and the birds in 2000, when he met a comely chorus boy at a cast party for Mamma Mia! in Chicago.

“In a bold gesture, I managed to invite him back to my hotel room without anybody knowing about it,” he recalls.

It’s incredible the stage song bird didn’t sing about it.

Meanwhile, in other Bass-related news, The New York Times spent some inkage studying the Hairspray actor and got him to open up about writing the book:

I’ve been asked too many times to write a book by the fans. And it was very, I don’t know, like, therapeutic, writing this book. Because the whole time, with ’NSync especially, it went by just so fast, it was like a blur. There was a lot of different things that I didn’t realize were going on.

The Times article also features some commentary from a very familiar face. Or, rather, name.

[PS: Out of Sync currently stands at 333 on Amazon’s best seller list, up from 1,252.]

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  • thatguyfromboston

    Andrew, from the bottom of my heart, please stop keeping us all posted on the extremely uninteresting Lance and Reichen. I can’t express how deeply and truly I don’t wanna know anything more about these two.

    Thanks ever so much.

  • faghag

    speak for yourself mr from boston.
    keep it coming , I like this guy.

  • faghag

    Ps:Reichen is gross.

  • newyorkie

    Um, get the fuck out, guy from Boston. Where am I going to go if I can’t get the latest Lance gossip from my beloved Queerty?

    Also, “Lance and Reichen” don’t exist anymore, and no one ever talks about Reichen. Stop living in 2006.

    So is the chorus boy who popped the cherry gonna come out and reveal all?

  • thatguyfromboston

    I didn’t mean “Lance and Reichen” I meant Lance, Reichen. Together or separate they are boring, unremarkable, bland, vanilla, merely uninteresting.

  • newyorkie

    1. What does Reichen have to do with this post?

    2. If you find them boring, scroll past the post. No one’s forcing you to read it. This way, you won’t have to whine and we won’t have to read your whining.

  • Leland Frances

    Warning! Danger, Will Robinson, faghag, et al.: the Reichen Police are on patrol and they will not stand for anyone criticizing the Great & Powerful Reichen of Ass. These Winkie bitches are vicious!

    Leave it to the Greatest Gay Media Whore of All Time to continue to suck publicity out of his brief gold digging adventure with Bass months after the singer kicked him to the curb when Reichen caught someone else’s dick in his zipper in Atlanta. On “20/20” Friday night, they repeatedly showed one of the countless hurl-inducing tapes of Reichen kissing Bass Pucker lips; insert lover of the moment. Ms. Lehmkuhl probably kicked in his television [or that of whomever he’s sponging off of now] when his name wasn’t mentioned. Ms. Timberlake probably did the same thing when Bass put him over the flame and turn it to high. LUVED IT!

    Congrats to Mr. Belonsky for being quoted and what you said. Bass could, indeed, be doing a lot more for the community than he is, starting with an enema to get rid of all of the “Poor Me/Bad Fickle Gays” bullshit Lehmkuhl obviously fed him. Well, at least Bass shows no sign of defacing HIS back with a huge tattoo that says, “Only God Can Judge Me” nor of exploiting DADT to put money solely in his own pockets a la “Cruise With Reichen.”

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