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Laura Bush Loves The Gays (And That Not-Gay Elena Kagan Person)

Laura Bush, the radical former first lady who supports The Gay Marriage, isn’t done with her shock and awe tour of America. Yesterday she turned up on Fox News, still plugging her book, to reveal that her husband is ripe for a bit part in I Love You Man 2.

George W. has a “man cave,” says Laura. “We have the huge-screen TV. That was one of the first things we bought and put upstairs in George’s man cave, that we call it, the one big room that’s upstairs, and where his desk is and his computer. And that’s where he likes to watch the Texas Rangers every night.”

We’re going to hold of on making jokes about what some other men do in big rooms, with televisions and computers, cordoned off from the rest of the house, and substitute with a mention that Ms. Bush is on board with Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination. (Cue to 11:25)