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Lesbian Laura Gilbert Pummeled Outside Straight Bar In Alabama. But Police Only Arrested Her?

Laura Gilbert, a 25-year-old Alabama lesbian, was attacked at The Villa bar in Opelika, southeast of Birmingham, and says police failed by arresting only her — and not the dozen or so others who were also involved. Stopping by to sing karaoke at a friend’s birthday party with high school friend Sheila Siddall, Gilbert says she felt uncomfortable there from the start. And when it was time to go, she claims a woman started a fight with her — something about Gilbert’s boyish looks — in what would become a brawl that continued outside the bar, involving other women and two men. So how come Gilibert was the only one arrested (for disorderly conduct and public intoxication), even though witnesses say there were plenty of other folks fitting that description? Good question.

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  • jason

    The woman who attacked Gilbert is possibly a whore-cunt. Whore-cunts are women who grow their hair long and flowing in order to please sleazy straight guys. These women don’t like it when women with very short hair turn up on the scene. In America, there’s a lot of whore-cunts around.

    As for what should happen now, I hope Gilbert takes it as far as possible. Don’t hesitate, girl. You have every right to hold these thugs to account.

  • Shannon1981

    Go get em girl! Everyone should have been arrested! they singled you out. Clear discrimination.

  • jason

    The power of the net is such that we can marshall the GLBT community to get behind people who have been attacked or who haven’t been treated fairly by the police forces. Let’s make sure that we keep tabs on what happens with this Gilbert case.

  • Francis

    As far as I have seen, the last three hate crimes have happened in Alabama. Sadly, some states have failed to move into 2011. That, however, is no excuse for this. Time to put major pressure on the media of Alabama to report on this, and make this national news and bring attention to the discrimination and bigotry Alabama shows it’s LGBT community, and to bring all possible witnesses or any potential tape, something, where Ms. Gilbert can be cleared of her charges, and her story is affirmed and she sues the shit out of everyone who did her wrong.

  • kayla

    @jason: Here we go again Jason…you’re contempt of women oozing from your words…I really wonder what happened in your life to make you hate my sex so much….

  • jason


    Nobody hates your sex, honey. I simply don’t like women who are hypocrites and who claim privileges under the guise of equal rights.

    You will notice that I am very much on the side of Laura Gilbert on this, as any decent human being should be.

  • BamBam

    Afraid I don’t follow how long hair turns women into whores. Get help.

  • ewe

    Well well well well well well well. Let’s not forget what the newly sworn in governor Bentley said the moment after he was inaugurated into power to represent all Alabama citizens. It is so typical that the sheriff chooses to clam it shut when asked a question. What’s with the direct testimony of her friend alleging that the police and the perps were “cuttin up” in the background after the assault? Drop the charges better be number one to start.

  • ewe

    The sheriff said she was arrested for something that occurred after the assault? 1) Who called for police assistance?
    2)If the police did not instigate the victim into doing something disorderly then what does the sheriff mean and what alleged crime is he referring to since the news journalist said a police officer must be present and in attendance of a misdemeanor in action?

  • Palto

    I always ask myself this question when I read stories like this: Why do gay people live in back asswards places like Alabama?

    With the brain-dead inbred living there it’s an absolute safety hazard for gay people.

  • Soupy

    I grew up in a small town that was pretty exclusively white and straight. I moved to the big city for university and never looked back. But I miss country living now. We should be able to be safe and comfortable anywhere.

  • justiceontherocks

    In Alabama you don’t get arrested for being in a bar fight. They don’t have enough jail cells.

    Everybody involved in this melee except (possibly) the police were shit-faced. Experience teaches us that people don’t have very good memories in those circumstances. So let’s please get a few more facts before we start the Free Laura Gilbert campaign. For all we know she threw the first punch.

  • Brian Miller

    Yeah, the police are always even-handed and fair in these sort of situations, and should be the final arbiters of the truth. Any inner-city African American will tell you that the police are always right, never lie, and are fair and even-handed — and certainly don’t treat minorities of any sort differently or in a bigoted way.

  • Blake Britton

    Having worked as a dispatcher for the Opelika PD for a short period of time, this does not surprise me at all in regards to their officers.

  • ewe

    @justiceontherocks: Facts are already available. SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE CRIMINALLY CHARGED.

  • Mike

    I am the publisher of a GLBT magazine in Alabama (one of two) and we will be following this story.

  • jason


    Thank you for following up on this Laura Gilbert case. Please keep us informed.

    Is there any way we can put pressure on the Opelika police department to determine the facts of this incident? It’s the least we can expect from the police. Our taxes pay their salaries.

    Anyone got an email?

  • jason

    From the website I linked above, here’s the phone and fax numbers of the Opelika police department in Alabama. I’m planning to fax them a letter within the next 48 hours:

    Phone: (334) 705-5200
    Fax: (334) 749-4831

    All you need to do is send a brief paragraph kindly requesting that all the facts of this matter are murky at best, and that the determination of the complete factual picture is very important and necessary.

  • Tammy

    I lived less than 10 minutes away from that backwoods redneck bar for 12 years and I have heard horror stories about the f*cktards fighting anyone who looked different, minorities and anyone who has a full set of teeth. Alabama is the most backward state in the U.S. so DO NOT attempt to go anywhere in this state if you look different because they will find a way to put you in jail! Good luck Laura, but if your trial is in Lee County…you are screwed!!

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