Liam Payne’s Great Big Snake & The 35 Most Homoerotic One Direction Moments


One Direction fans got a nice treat this week when oft-shirtless hunky bandmate Liam Payne tweeted a photo of himself and the sizable snake that lives in his jungle.

Yes, it was an actual snake and not a euphemism for something else, though it’s natural that your mind totally went there. This band is well known for their homoerotic shenanigans—from crotch grabs to actual kisses and everything in between. Hopefully one day, we’ll find out which one of these men was enjoying it the most.

Until then, relive the 35 most homoerotic One Direction moments of all time and try not to kill yourself:


Zayn and Niall like to pretend they’re an item, apparently. Niall once admitted he was pregnant with Zayn’s baby.




Oh, and the gay kisses. So many gay kisses.







And they don’t just have the hots for each other! Remember that time Harry Styles kissed James Corden?


…and then Niall showed James Corden his ass?



They kiss fans, too!


And who could forget the notorious crotch-grabs that the Westboro Baptist Church loves so much?



The crotch grabs are constant. Niall once said “Harry’s got some next level crotch. He’s got some crotch bulge going on there.”

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Harry Styles once said he was pretty sure he’s not bisexual, but doesn’t mind the rumors. (Neither do we.)


These guys really don’t mind getting close.



1D's Liam Payne Thanks Fans For The Support After His Grandfather Passes Away! louis-harry-460x345


Like, really close…



Like, close enough to grab each other’s junk…


Let’s not forget those ass grabs…


Why do they do it? According to Zayn, “We do it when we’re taking photos. We make each other laugh, grabbing each other’s bums.”


And the mouth-to-crotch action…


And even though their gayness is sometimes the product of Photoshop, we really don’t mind…


Keep it up, boys!

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  • Greg Garavani

    Ugh I wish Liam would marry me already. Or even Niall. <3

  • 1kax

    the first photo isn’t niall and zayn…

    and the photo of harry and louis kissing is fake.

    just sayinnnn

  • Jenny

    The first photo isn’t Zayn and Niall wtf…

    And Ziam is the only 1D ship that matters, bye

  • Scribe38

    I knew guys like this in high school. I was so sad when I realized they weren’t gay and I wasn’t going to get laid.

  • boring

    Holy shit, did I stumble onto some tween’s tumblr?


    Ya gotta love these teen girls and the better brighter world their helping create; their own kids will not inherit the same homophobic asshole values of the older gerneration. Jim Bryant, quake!!!!

  • kinseyfiles

    I love these kids! they are relaxing the rampant homophobia brought on by the last 20 years of Hip Hop gay paranoia. They do these things tongue in cheek and playfully and show that male camaraderie is nothing to be afraid of. Carry on guys!

  • boring

    Real talk: If you’re over the age of 12 and these guys are on your pop culture radar, you’re being a total creeper.

  • jimbryant

    None of those are particularly erotic incidents. I’d rather read a good book.

  • james_in_cambridge

    @jimbryant: Then go read a fucking book! Who’s forcing you to come here and comment, you pretentious jackass!

    One Direction are kinda brilliant for a boyband. They know all the straight boys are going to call them gay out of jealousy so they’re beating them to the punch and simultaneously putting out a message that there’s nothing wrong with men being affectionate towards each other, gay or not. Hate to admit this, ’cause at my age I should probably be annoyed by them, but I like them. They’re ballsy little Brits. And no matter what you think of them, they’re our allies so let’s stop all this nastiness towards them.

  • Pistolo

    I’d never need another popsicle, lollipop, or icecream cone again if I had Liam in my mouth just once! I’d never find a sweeter lick & suck after that. Louis is sexy too. That being said, if NO ONE in the band is actually gay then this is just cruel. Thank god I’m not at the tween age when all this is happening, the second I’d see Liam or Louis with a woman I would probably cry. I still might! That being said, Harry has got to be the most annoying. His ego has exploded since Taylor Swift dumped him, he’s desperate for attention all the damn time.

  • Darlene D. Thies

    what Allen replied I didnt even know that a single mom can profit $9899 in four weeks on the internet. straight from the source…

  • scoobydube

    @james_in_cambridge: I second THAT!!! And there’s that “BIEBSTER” thing. I wish that CANADA would take him BACK, PRONTO !!!!! They are in their late teens early twenties and having “fun”. Nothing wrong with THAT, is there ????

  • Michael Wray Coco

    Caitlin McGreal Scarlet Sidwell Alison Ann

  • Caitlin McGreal

    Michael the photoshopped power bottom shirts are the best. Also the ziall kisses are too cute! ????

  • charlie947

    @james_in_cambridge: Some of them actually are gay though (Louis and Harry is mostly gay). And Zayn is at least bicurious.

  • charlie947

    @Pistolo: Umm, yeah Louis is gay. Harry is mostly gay too. and they are together.

    Taylor Swift was beard, it’s hilarious how many people figured it out, but to be fair Harry wasn’t even trying to act like he’s inti her. He is actually a very nice and sweet person and his “ego” hasn’t exploded at all – why don’t you stop judging him from the bullshit articles that their shit PR team spews about them and look at how he actually acts – being extremely nice to everyone, shaking everyone’s hand when going into a room, picking up a pap’s bag, offering a pap his food etc.

  • OhHellNo

    Wand Erection.

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