Lil Nas X takes trolling the public to a whole new hilarious level


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Rapper and practical joker Lil Nas X celebrated the release of his new album Montero this week with the release of a new video and a series of billboards offering financial compensation to gay people.


The ad campaign, posted at various spots around Los Angeles, depicts Lil Nas X as a personal injury lawyer, advertising his services and firm.

“Are you single, lonely and miserable?” one billboard reads. “You may be entitled to financial compensation!” Lil Nas X stands alongside the caption in an elaborate wig and Little Richard-type suit, just over a web address that leads to his official album release site.

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“Gay?” another billboard reads. “You may be entitled to financial compensation.” A bespectacled Lil Nas X wears a suit alongside the caption, which also features the web address for his album site.

“Do you miss the real America?” a third billboard asked. “You may be entitled to financial compensation.”

Lil Nas X himself posted the billboards to his Instagram account, which attracted the praise of his fans. At the time of this writing, the post has received more than 1.5 million likes.

This is hardly the first time Lil Nas X has used humor as a means to promote his work. Earlier this month, he released several photographs depicting him as pregnant to hype his forthcoming album. In July, he also trolled followers by claiming he’d come out as straight in a video, only to cut to footage of him breaking wind at the camera. Then, of course, there are his actual videos which show him dancing naked alongside other men, or his live TV performances, where he kisses other men on stage.

What’s not to love?