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Lindsey Graham just got dumped by Donald Trump after six years of passionate a** kissing

The day everyone knew would come has arrived. Donald Trump just dumped his most loyal lapdog, Lindsey Graham. Not only that, but he did it on one of the largest far-right conservative TV networks in America.

Speaking to Newsmax yesterday, Trump called Graham a “RINO,” short for “Republican in Name Only”, after the antigay senator from South Carolina said the ex-president’s recent remarks about pardoning January 6 rioters if he were to take back the White House were “inappropriate.”

“Well, Lindsey Graham’s wrong,” Trump said. “I mean, Lindsey’s a nice guy—but he’s a RINO. Lindsey’s wrong. … Lindsey Graham doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about if he says that.”

Of course, none of this is the least bit surprising. Trump throws everyone under the bus sooner or later. His niece, Mary, who has never been wrong in her predictions about her crazy Fox News-watching uncle, recently said she believes he’ll throw his own children under there if it means saving himself from the January 6 committee.

“Donald will throw anybody under the bus if he believes it’s in his best interest to do so,” she told  MSNBC’s Alex Witt last month. “If he believes it’ll help play out the clock, if he believes that it will help him avoid accountability, that’s all he cares about.”

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As for Graham, we imagine he’s curled up in the fetal position with his thumb in his mouth under the desk in his congressional office right about now.

After keeping his lips permanently glued to Trump’s ass for the last six years, assisting him in his unsuccessful efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, and even donating $500,000 to his defense legal fund, Trump returned the favor by basically calling him an idiot on cable television.

Now, the tweets…

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