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Lindsey Graham takes his adoration for Donald Trump to a creepy new level in weird interview

We’re seriously starting to wonder what blackmail Donald Trump might have on Lindsey Graham after the senator from South Carolina’s latest appearance on Fox News.

Graham went on Sean Hannity’s show last night to proclaim that the Republican Party officially belongs to Donald Trump, who he is grateful for because he has “allowed me to be in his world.”

“I actually like President Trump. He’s been very nice to me,” Graham gushed. “He’s allowed me to be in his world. He allows me to give my two cents worth on issues when he was president.”

“This is his party. If you don’t get that, you missed a lot at [the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)] .”

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But the butt kissing didn’t stop there.

Graham went on to predict that, should the disgraced, twice-impeached ex-president decide to run again in 2024, “no one” in the whole entire world would be able to beat him.

“I think he’s got a damn good chance of getting reelected again based on what the Democrats are doing to the country,” Graham said, adding that Trump was such a huge hit at CPAC last weekend that not a single person had anything negative to say about him.

“Did you find one person at CPAC that criticized Donald Trump?” he said. “I thought it was amazing that we have so many people wanting to be president but not one person would say anything bad about him. That tells you a lot about the strength of Donald Trump.”

Of all the compliments Graham has showered Trump with over the weeks, months, and years, praising him for allowing him to “be in this world” may very well be the strangest and most pathetic yet.

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