kissing the ring

Like a good sub, Lindsey Graham praises Donald Trump for being the “most dominant”

Donald Trump‘s personal lapdog Lindsey Graham went on television last night to once again gush about his master’s dominance.

Speaking to Newsmax, Graham, who spent last weekend at Mar-a-Lago, had nothing but kind words for the disgraced one-term, twice-impeached ex-president who sicced an angry mob on him and his colleges just last month.

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Graham said he doesn’t think Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s denouncement of Trump after his second Senate impeachment trial was “reflective” of how most of the GOP caucus felt.

“That’s his opinion,” Graham told Newsmax. “I don’t think it’s reflective of the Republican conference, but he’s an individual senator, he can have his say.”

McConnell received widespread criticism from members of his own party when he said Trump was “practically and morally responsible” for the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol… then voted to acquit him anyway.

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Graham went on to say, “I spent the weekend with President Trump. He’s more determined than ever to grow this party, not shrink it. He is the most dominant voice in the Republican Party.”

“His ideas will stand the test of time,” he added, before calling on everyone to “rally around” Trump, who he said is the “most consequential Republican.”

Like a good sub, the antigay senator from South Carolina has also been praising Trump every chance he gets in media interviews lately.

“If he ran, it would be his nomination for the having,” Graham told the Washington Post last week. “People appreciate his fighting spirit, he’s going to dominate the party for years to come.”

He continued showering Trump with praise in an appearance on Fox News when he said, “We need to work with President Trump. We can’t do it without him.”

Trump is scheduled to attend the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida this weekend, where he will give his first speech since leaving the White House. Rumors has it he plans to announce his 2024 run.

When asked by Sean Hannity this week if he thought Trump would run again, Graham coyly responded, “Stay tuned.”

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