Log Cabin Republicans’ Clarke Cooper Sure Sounds Upset Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ Staffers Are Leaving Hate Comments

“He oughta be able to find out who did it,” says. Rep. Jared Polis of Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ inability to determine whom in his office left that “all faggots must die” comment on a gay blog. After all, there are just a handful of people in that office who has access to the senator’s computers. Enter Log Cabin Republicans head R. Clarke Cooper, who can’t believe anyone would assume the offices of Republican lawmakers are home to homophobes. Though who can’t believe Cooper would say something like that? He’s the same guy whose group honors anti-gay politicans with awards.

Back to Polis with THE ZING: “Clark has a tough job being a member of a club that doesn’t want him.”

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  • Chuck

    Attention, gay Republicans, there is another group for you to join. It’s called Jews For Hitler.

  • Cam

    Cooper has it all wrong, and it’s a shame.

    Clark (I refuse to use that ridiculous pretentious first initial)

    You are not there to defend the GOP. You are there to advocate for gays that approve of much of the politics that the GOP supports. It is NOT your job to defend the party as gay loving, you are there to hopefully open the party up to gays, and this can not be done by whitewashing the party as pro-gay.

    I feel sorry for you, you worked for Bush and have been so ingrained that you don’t realize that you have turned yourself into a party hack first, and a gay man, somewhere way down the line.

  • vinnyc

    The thing that bothers me is -Is all this worth it for these guys?
    I have been following Patrick sammon, the LCR pres and he comes across as a adorable sweet guy and very time he comes on air, the interviewer asks him any question, they smirk about being a gay Republican. Patrick says not everything in Politics is a single voter issue and that it is important for the Gay community to be on the republican side also.It would make strong case if only the republicans weren’t filled to the brim with religious Bigots who are clear that Homos are not welcome.
    The LCR have a long battle.. probably even longer after long after ENDA and DODT becomes history. ( It will be, i am confident ).
    So what exactly are issues that takes prominence over your core basic rights. The LCR constantly get harassed by their own party members like that redneck Tea party folks.

    Guys i hope you get something of all this. Next Election or after, Obama will be replaced by a White guy, will that make your issue redundant- then?

  • Rob Moore

    @Cam: Log Cabin and GOProud are the little trick ponies that trot out to show the GOP really loves them. It is sort of like the propaganda films put out by the Nazis to show that the concentration camps were really like holiday destinations except with guards, electrified fences, gas chambers, and crematoria.

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