PHOTOS: Alex Minsky Shows Off The Goods In Outtakes Of Underwear Shoot


In recent months, Alex Minsky has taken the internet by storm, igniting Tumblr accounts and striking the fancy of gays (and women) everywhere. And it’s not without reason. The Afghan veteran turned underwear model has caught the attention of several photographers, including Gabriel Gastelum, who recently photographed the tattooed hunk for The Underwear Expert. Gabriel, whose work has been featured on Queerty in the past, shared an exclusive look at outtakes from the shoot. Boy, are we glad he did.

There are even more outtakes on Gabriel’s website, be sure to check out Alex in N2N Bodywear.

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  • Eiswirth

    How sad he chose to destroy his looks with those hideous tattoos.

  • viveutvivas

    I know they all do it, but this one is just too obviously stuffed.

  • tdx3fan

    @Eiswirth: I agree. A little ink is alright, but when you become a walking billboard it is just not at all attractive.

  • litper

    She’s “straight”. I’ll pass.

  • Jerry12

    After the first two pics, I quit looking. How anyone can have so little respect for their body and tattoo it, is beyond me. If our Creator did not want us to admire ourselves and our bodies, we would be covered with hair, like our evolutionary predisessers.

  • Matt1961

    I don’t know, I think this guy’s au naturel, but in any event I think he’s beautiful, ink and all.

  • EManhattan

    I like his tattoos a lot – and clearly he does respect his body, Jerry12, he takes very good care of it. Assuming that your own opinions about tattoos are somehow superior to other people’s is rediculous – they don’

  • EManhattan

    (continuing) . . . ridiculous – they don’t have anything to do with you, and cause harm to noone.

  • Mommytrish

    LMAO! so NOT true. There are so many pictures of this awesome man and if you ever saw them, you will know he is all real. google him and check out the white mesh shorts he wears and you will change your mind. :D

  • mgrassini

    Please remember that one of his body modifications, namely his amputation, was done on our behalf for our benefit. I think he is a sublime no matter what he does.

  • Caliban

    Many of his tattoos cover scars (burns) left from the IED that blew off his leg. He has the word “optimism” in script tattooed across the knuckles of both hands. What’s your excuse for a negative attitude? I bet his has it beat, but he didn’t succumb to it.

  • yaoming

    I’m not a big fan of the ink, but I do like seeing his p?nis.

  • mz.sam

    I can pass on the ink, but his man-meat (#1) makes me salivate!

  • halfahomo

    For those of you who dont like the artwork on this man’s body, look past it and you will realize there is one hot man under all those tats. :)

  • halfahomo

    …..especially in those white N2N(color pic) that outline of his FULL anatomy! WOW, drool….dr…ool

  • OhioMan

    I am amazed at some of the comments posted. The man has every right to do what he wishes to and on his body…just as you have every right not to look at it…One should post “Thanks for what you have done for our country” instead of how horrible and distasteful you look…Shame on you guys…..

  • Degas

    This man has an incredible story. The point is, he is a model. Of course people have a right to comment on his appearance. That is what he is selling. He’s not selling his service to America, although admirable. His appearance is germane to the underwear, not his service. I don’t like the tattoos. I like his body and find him sexy.

  • jaredanthony

    The man is f*cking gorgeous(!), and so are his tatts. If you don’t like what he has done then GTFO here, because it’s not going to change, and no body gives a sh*t about what you think! He stands for so many good things; all you can do is be critical just because you can, and you’ve nothing better going on in your pathetic lives.

  • brickboi1

    Very Hot looking.. Some of you people are very jealous of him. I wonder what you look like ? probably over weight lazy morons .. Get a life the man is 100 % percent MAN.. Love him.

  • lkeels

    @viveutvivas: You’re crazy…you can CLEARLY see the definition of everything in his underwear, not to mention he has full nudes available. No stuffing there.

  • DickieJohnson

    Alex is a very HOT MAN, in so many ways. He has overcome his handicaps and seems determind to live an unfettered life. I doubt that he gives a flip about what whiney queens think about him, or his tattoos. STFU, bitches!

  • 4of14

    By his own admittion, the Ink covers up burns, scars and other things gotten as a result of his injury. That said, most everyone I know whats more ink after that first one. It is after all his body, and his life. He has earned the right to do with it as he pleases.

  • Mkiel

    I’m not a big fan of so many tattoos but I think it is very rude & judgmental to be so bitchy about them. No one is forcing or even asking you to look so if you don’t like move on & shut the F**k up.

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