Loving Husband Wants World To Know His Wife Is NOT The Crazy Lady From That Michaels Video


The husband of a woman wrongly identified as the Trump-supporting racist homophobe from the Michaels and the Peet’s videos that went viral earlier this week wants everyone to know that his wife is innocent. So if you could kindly stop sending her mean tweets, it would be much appreciated.

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Brian Boyle, a young attorney from Chicago, tweeted this earlier:


And yesterday, he tweeted this:

Evidently, the internet has been going after him and his poor wife, Jenna Boyle, whose twitter handle is @jennamheitchue, after she was wrongly identified as Jennifer Boyle, the crazy lady from those videos.

It was an honest mistake. Aside from having almost the exact same name, they bear a slight resemblance to one another, and they both live in Chicago. Here’s a side by side image of the two:


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Luckily, it seems like the Boyles are keeping a pretty good sense of humor about things.

Others have also stepped in to try and help clear up the issue:


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