Maggie Gallagher: ‘Leave Carrie Alone!’

Sorry to do this to you again, but: These two unqualified marriage spokespersons were at it again last night, on Larry King Live. NOM chief Maggie Gallagher, who apparently doesn’t change clothes, and Perez Hilton, who was linked via satellite from what look’s like the sales rack at TJ Maxx (j/k, it’s Kitson), don’t really have anything new to say, except to either defend or bash Carrie Prejean. But here’s a new soundbite from Gallagher: “Leave Carrie Alone!” Can someone start printing up T-shirts?

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  • Aaron

    Go on Perez!

  • Brad

    I detest Maggie Gallagher, but she totally owned Perez Hilton in this video. Can we vote in a new spokesperson? PLEASE?!

  • jason

    Leave Carrie alone? Perhaps if Maggie wasn’t exploiting Carrie, Maggie might have some credibility. If anyone should leave Carrie alone, it’s Maggie.

  • kademonster

    ugh. they both make me wanna vomit.

  • andy

    GO PEREZ! I’m so proud of you! WOW you really are doing something for us! I appreciate your great rhetorical skills. Keep up the good fight!

  • stevenelliot

    Wait. Is that Rosanne Barr’s evil sister

  • Larry

    @stevenelliot: No, it’s not Rosanne Barr’s evil sister. It’s the product of a marriage between Kathy Bates and Jabba the Hutt.

  • mikeincleveland

    the problem is that Perez Hilton, if he wants to be a SERIOUS pundit on television, needs to realize that he can’t keep drawing cum dripping from celebrities’ mouths on his website and then be taken seriously on television shows like Larry King. He just sets himself up to be someone like a gay Michael Savage who then goes on the air trying to be legit and all his opponents need to do is bring up his childish antics on his own web site to disqualify him as a “responsible”, level-headed human being.

    so he needs to clean up his own act first.

    he’s also obviously needing some more pundit training- he nods his head in agreement throughout this bit whenever maggie says something that he clearly disagrees with and he also needs to learn to butt in more when it’s obvious his opponent doesn’t care about running on and on with on-screen time.

  • Virilene

    Yuck. They are equally repugnant. I’m convinced that if they bred, they’d produce the anti-christ.

    I want someone smarter (and hotter) than Lavandeira representing GLBTs, and I know for a fact that wouldn’t be hard to find.

    How about Davey Wavey instead?

  • bobito

    Didn’t watch the video – don’t like puking – but MG has a point this time. Yeah, leave Carrie alone. Don’t talk about her, don’t write about her, don’t invite her on your goddamn talk shows to exploit her ignorance for your discriminatory purposes. I suppose if the breeders HAVE to, they can wank over her naked photos on the net, but that’s all, okay? Sheesh!

  • Schteve

    I wouldn’t want to see anything Maggie did at 17 either!

  • Hannah

    Maggie Gallagher is actually creepier when she smiles.

  • Crystal Ball

    You think Larry could have chosen someone other than Perez Hilton to articulate the equality viewpoint. There are thousands more in our community working on the frontline of the argument able to speak and counter the bull thrown by Gallagher.

  • heather

    No – it’s not Donald Trump, it’s not the pageant that put this twat into the limelight. It’s the one named Carrie Prejean who decided she would get her t*ts out in photos then lie about it, pass judgement on others then try to protect her own rights for freedom, all around just a hypocrite who dug herself a deep hole without really knowing how the rest of the world works. Play her off keyboard cat.

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