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Golden Globe fave, Brokeback Mountain, has been censored by the Malay film board. Actually, UPI, the film’s distributor, has decided to self-censor itself, not even bothering to seek the strict board’s approval. I guess they know what the answer will be already.

UIP, however, will not even apply for approval of Brokeback Mountain, director Ang Lee’s award-winning gay cowboy romance, said UIP publicity manager Dawn Liew. “We believe there is a market for Munich here, but Brokeback Mountain is definitely not going to make it here because its themes wouldn’t be right for our local audiences,” Liew told the Associated Press. Brokeback Mountain, about two cowboys who discover romantic feelings for each other, has swept critics awards in the United States over the past month and is widely expected to be a leading contender at this year’s Academy Awards.

The heavily Muslim country can handle the bloody Munich but not The Gays’ (and now the Hollywood Foreign Press’) beloved Brokeback? But we don’t think the people of Malaysia have anything to worry about. The thriving Asian industry of bootleg DVD’s will certainly ensure that the entire continent is flush with illegally purchased copies of Heath, Jake, and that rocking put tent.

No Brokeback for Malaysia
[The Advocate]

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