Why Are All These Male Celebs Exposing Themselves? An Explanation.


As we’ve said before and (for some reason) are saying again, revealing pics are not so much leaking in 2016 as positively gushing. Bieber. Bloom. Bowen. 50 Cent. Kenworthy (Gus.) And actor Matt Smith, a former Dr. Who. And that’s in the last two months alone.

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While no one is really complaining about the trend,  it does beg the question: What, if anything, is behind this abrupt uptick in glistening exposed male flesh everywhere, and all the various parts of a man ceaselessly flopping about?

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Fortunately, an intrepid reporter at New York cornered former celeb publicist Rob Shuter, now of Naughty Gossip, forcing him to spill the goods on what exactly is happening behind the scenes that’s making these male celeb penises get all up in our business.

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Here are a few revealing highlights from the interview.

On the rise of the male celeb full-frontal:

God bless Kim Kardashian and sex tapes and the cover of Paper magazine! She really changed the rules for women, and now the men are catching up.

On how much Orlando Bloom might have paid to buy the photos rather than see them published:

I think they’d want $50,000 or $60,000, because that’s probably what they’d make by selling them through a wire.

On Justin Bieber’s MO:

I think Justin likes us knowing that he has a big penis. He’s not shy and it’s not the first time it’s happened.

Are these pics really the work of paparazzo, or publicists? 

Justin’s [photos look] a bit more staged [than Orlando Bloom’s]. They were a little bit more, dare I say, romantic. It felt like an Annie Leibovitz shoot. The other thing that made me suspicious of Bieber is that there was only, like, two or three of them. Now if I was a paparazzi, or a photographer in the woods, I would click 400 photographs. With Orlando there was a ton of photographs. Every time he moved to the left or the right there was another photograph. Someone clearly had a lens and just: click-click-click-click-click-click-click-click. There’s a series of photographs. But Bieber? There’s, like, three.

On how uncensored versions of paparazzi full-frontal pics end up on Twitter: 

Well, when they’re sent to the photo agency, when they’re sent to the publication, you get the original picture. So the original photograph also exists on the server at the Daily News, which I’m sure gets emailed to friends and family and everybody else. And the agencies sell photos to different territories, too. If you sell it to someone in France, for instance, the rules may be more liberal than ours. French outlets, I think, can run naked images. All it takes is one person on Twitter in Paris to put that picture up, and boom, it’s gone.

On whether we’ll see more of Bieber’s bits: 

More and more. It’s going to get to the point where we’re almost bored of Bieber’s willy.

And these are just a few excerpts from a surprisingly lengthy article that should be ogled in its entirety. 

Head here to read it. 

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