Man Arrested For “Knowingly Transferring HIV” After Spitting On Woman

urlSomeone needs to give the Oklahoma City Police Department a crash course on how HIV is spread.

Over the weekend, they arrested a man for “knowingly transferring HIV” after he allegedly spit on a woman during an argument.

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The alleged “victim” told authorities that she and 32-year-old Apollo Gonzalez got into an argument on Saturday. During the squabble, Gonzaelz, who the woman claims was drunk, spit in her face.

“The [woman] said it is well-known that [Gonzalez] is HIV positive and [Gonzalez] admitted to me he had HIV,” the police report stated.

The cops arrested him at the scene for “knowingly transferring the HIV virus and assault and battery.”

For the record: Gonzalez did not “transfer” HIV virus. And he “acknowledged” he has HIV, he did not “admit” it.

Look it up, folks. According to “HIV is not spread through the air and it does not live long outside the human body.” In other words, The virus is not transmitted through saliva.

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