Man Claims Multiple Churches Refused To Offer Funeral Services For His Deceased Husband

James Stone (left) and his husband, Jay Hoskins (right).

A grieving husband claims he was turned away from multiple venues while trying to find a place to hold a funeral for his deceased partner, but his story seems to be marred with inconsistencies.

32-year-old James Stone committed suicide on January 19. Initial reports claimed Stone had died of Sjogren’s syndrome, a genetic autoimmune disorder, but Stone’s husband, Jay Hoskins, later said those reports were false.

“James did not die of Sjogren’s Syndrome,” he wrote on the comment board of the Dallas Voice. “He died a tragic death of suicide where his poor mother and myself found him hanging from a ceiling fan. I tried unsuccessfully to revive him, but it was too late.”

Stone lived with Hoskins in Conroe, Texas but he was originally from the town of Clarkridge, Arkansas. Hoskins said he wanted to hold a memorial service for his husband in Mountain Home, the town closest to where Stone grew up, but all of the town’s churches turned him away. He also claims that even the local fire house, which was built by Stone’s own father, refused to host the memorial.

“I have never experienced such hate and bigotry in my life,” he wrote on the comment board.

But not everyone says this is true.

Two churches in Clarkridge told The Baxter Bulletin that they were never contacted, and Stone’s own family members said were going to use the fire house but ended up canceling the reservation.

Though Hoskins’ story hasn’t been completely discredited. The Baxter Bulletin was able to confirm that members from at least one local church did go of their way to voice their disapproval of gay people.

Jerry and Vicki Oels of the Clarkridge Church of Christ showed up to Stone’s graveside service armed with envelopes stuffed with Bible verses condemning homosexuality which they presented to Stone’s mother, husband, and the pastor leading the service.

“To the people of Clarkridge,” Hoskins wrote on the comment board, “you all will be judged just as everyone else.”

“I lost the love of my life,” he wrote in a separate comment, “and still don’t know how I am going to carry on, but will have to adapt.”

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