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Mary B.’s Catholic Coming Out Story Is Beautiful. Watch It

We have a couple of YouTube crushes, some of whom you’ve met before. Now, we’re adding Mary Buckheit to the list. She’s pretty, charming, has great teeth, a sweet voice, and her story about being gay and Catholic is a touching one. Because it’s also a love story, between people, and with her creator.

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  • Stan

    Someone get me a Barf Bag!

  • Sym


  • Joe

    Awesome story!

  • eb

    what? she is a train wreck. i was raised catholic through and through and i can say a sentence about my experiences without collapsing into incoherent nonsense. religion is a crutch, and she most apparently needs crutches. youre goign to get more comments like this from many of us, so delete away…

  • mojojojo

    Why was this silly woman’s inane rambling deemed worthy of Queerty?

  • j

    Bitter. Old. Queens.

  • edgyguy1426

    like Groucho, I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me as a member—- is that the thinking?

  • nikko

    Why STAN?

  • rudy

    When she finally gets to her point it’s OK, but what a long wait.

  • KJ

    No kids, it’s perfect. It’s exactly the information that the Pre-out Catholic boys and girls need to hear. All out are in free! Mary B has a voice and an audience that is hers and not yours.

    I never understand why so often we’re negative about another’s coming out experience, especially when it is a person who continues with whatever religious tradition. If you believe that religious faith is a crutch, fine. Go with God (Or not)! Who cares? Why do the critics care?

    Go, Mary, Go!

  • eb

    @KJ: her exeperiences with the catholic church are 100% atypical and if you expect ‘pre-out’ catholics to receive the same treatment, get ready to see lots more entries into ‘de-homosexual-ify’ camps. the members may be opening and welcoming, but doctrine, and financial agenda speak volumes against us. i dont care that this woman stays a catholic, i dont think she could handle the freedom of though that comes with being an enlightened intellectual. the problem i have is how ‘easy’ and ‘acceptable’ she proclaims it is to stay catholic and be gay, it is simply washing off the dress but keeping the mud. for certain organizations, being on the inside is a way to fight for change through and through, but church doctrine is not a democracy, and it is created by church leaders, not its congregation. good luck to her, and anyone else that likes being the happy snowball in a firepit, and furthermore as you all say- ‘may god have mercy on your soul.’

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