Meghan McCain Is Sad That Gays Don’t Want Her Speaking For Them

Last night on Rachel Maddow’s program, Meghan McCain reminded America that no matter how many daddy issues you have, you don’t always have to seek his approval.

We know Meghan disagrees with Papa John about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but the senator’s daughter is mostly sad The Gays don’t like the idea of a straight Republican taking their message to the heartland, even if it’s the exact same message they’ve been trying to push. So we’ll say this: Meghan, speak your heart out. But while you might be able to change a few hearts and minds in square states or whatever, the most meaningful change is one you can enact at home. While supping with pops.

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  • REBELComx

    Who said we didn’t want her supporting us? I haven’t heard that from anyone. She’s NOT her father.

  • Jaroslaw

    I don’t know for sure of course, but it strikes me that John McCain is just hanging on and using the Gay issue ostensibly to “connect” with his base. I’ve heard him speak, he was a POW etc. etc. I cannot honestly believe in his heart that he doesn’t think Gays should have equal rights. I still opppose him, though, as long as he continuse to spout anti-Gay stuff naturally.

    Yes, Queerty, you’re right. The most significant speaking Meghan can do is to change John’s mind.

  • Steve

    Megan McCain has been steadfast in her support for Republican candidates who support every measure that might harm gays, and oppose every measure that might benefit gays. That is, she has been steadfast in support of the anti-gay bigots.

    If Megan really wanted to support gays, she would actually support both gay issues and pro-gay candidates, and would oppose the anti-gay bigots. By continuing to support the bigots, she has clearly and loudly stated that she does not actually support gays. Her actions speak far more loudly than her words.

    I think she really just wants to trick some gays into voting for her Bigot Party candidates in the coming election.

  • peteNsfo

    She’s an interloper…

    A paid talking-head, a recent book published, etc. She may support “marriage equality” (I’m sure she calls it ‘gay-marriage’) but she also supports ALL THOSE REPUBLICANS that DO NOT.

    She’s having her cake & eating too… (And I know this because they got a wide-shot of her on ABC’s Sunday Morning show… and I do mean wide.)

    She’s right about the party though, if they would leave these distracting social issues behind & actually BE about fiscal conservatism, they would walk away with every election.

  • ewe

    She would not have a voice if not for who she is. That is not a great spokesperson. She is a plant that is being labeled as a voice for her generation and she is undeserving of it.

  • ewe

    I have no doubt her mothers money bought her the position she is presently enjoying just like her father. She is as significant as Paris Hilton. PUKE!!!!!!!


    @Jaroslaw: Unfortunately there is zero chance of changing Crusty McCain’s mind. He is pandering to his base as you correctley pointed out. As someone who had the extensive military experience he had, am 100% certain he knew that he served with Gay soldiers and he saw firsthand they were not detrimental to the cohesivness and effectivness of the units they served in.

    As to Megan, at least she is speaking out. She also came out against O’Donnell recently pointing out correctley that witch has zero qualifications to be a United States Senator and that she does not speak for her generation. Just as quickly the rightwing lunatics were all over her remarks calling her “out of touch” with the repugnatican party…………

  • samthor

    Who said we don’t wan her support?
    I welcome it.

  • DR

    I appreciate her support wholeheartedly.

    It’s 2010, we need to stop this attitude that we can alienate straight allies. We need them now more than ever.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    @peteNsfo: I don’t think that’s necessarily true. There are still pleanty of progresives around who don’t want to privatize Social Security, want to expand Medicare for all, and understand that our own history shows we can only get out of this recession if we spend more money. More Americans believe in a better distribution of wealth, more money for education, and bigger investments in infrastructure.

  • Jaroslaw

    Dr – I think the point someone else so abrasively and vitriolically was trying to make was that Meghan is not who she appears.

    Now, I haven’t researched her background,so I can’t say definitively she is being two-faced; but if she supports all other Republicans with or without the caveat of same sex marriage and without any other caveats about Gay issues then it would seem she is indeed disingenous possibly with an ulterior motive.

    In other words, expressing negative thoughts about Meghan McCain is NOT disavowing ALL straight allies.

  • CJ

    I appreciate the Meghan McCain is a common sense person in many regards. She may have strong Republican leanings, but she is also supportive of equality on LGBT issues and is willing to speak out against obviously unqualified candidates within her own party. How often do you find someone who is so willing to speak against their own party? Considering today’s hostile political environment, it’s refreshing to see someone with a little common sense.

  • Cam

    The more she speaks out, the more virulently homophobic her father seems to get. I don’t feel like having my rights crushed between their father/daughter issues.

    If she really believes that gays have rights, then she has to admit that her father is a bigot.

  • DR


    And that’s fine. But from my perceptive she’s out there and trying to make a change in the GOP, and that’s the important thing. Unless and until I am confronted with solid evidence she is actively voting in contradiction to her stances, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  • Gary B.

    Jeez, let her speak. Any voice for gay rights is a good voice, especially one from someone who is supposedly supposed to be on the other side of the issue. The more people on our side, the better!

  • Gary B.

    Seeing her father in that video makes me so glad he didn’t get elected. Obama might not be who we hoped he would be, but jeez, look at the alternative. Politics sucks.

  • peteNsfo

    @ChicagoJimmy: ChiJim, it’s not that I don’t embrace all the things you mention in your post, but I think you & the Democratic Party would be astounded at the number of Independent voters that are very ready to vote the pocketbook, if not for the backwardness of the Repubs on social issues.

    It’s not as though the Dems have done much better with reducing gov’t & spending, ending wars, providing better education… I’m suggesting that, all things being equal- if they manage to take the social baloney out of the equation- many more people than you want to believe would support Repubs.

    Clearly the Dems don’t get it, or we wouldn’t have a Repub in Kennedy’s senate seat, or Reid in the fight of his life, or any of these other tight races. When times are hard, and they are, it’s always about the money.

  • Richie

    I’m cool with her speaking out.

  • Adam

    I really like her. She’s trying to wrestle the Republican Party away from the religious right.

    And honestly, it’s not her job to lobby her father and if she started to badmouth him in public that would just make her look suspicious.

  • WillBFair

    For me, it’s about more than gay issues. The fact that she’s still a republican says it all, given the party’s regressive fiscal policies. To stay in the party after what they did in the Bush years, she has to be a dingbat, a heartless autocrat, or both.
    But I don’t know if having her on our side is good or bad. Maybe she can really help. Maybe she’s just trying to use us, or energize daddy’s base, or whatever.
    The republicans are much too devious for me to understand.

  • alan brickman

    she’s pro money…..not pro gay…

  • Jeffree

    Meghan McCain represents the future of the Republican party. I’m no republican, but I’m glad to see her promoting more progressive attitudes such as LGB rights.

    No way is she going to be able to change her Dad’s mind, but at least her voice is being heard—as well as her Mom’s, to a lesser extent. John McCain is in a fight for his Senate seat & trying to look less moderate than ever…

    I’d rather have Meghan on “our side” on LGB issues than using her platform against us.

  • tjr101

    I’m coming around to liking Megan McCain even though I think her politics is abominable. I do get a sense of satisfaction in seeing her take on the likes of Ann Cuntler and the other right-wing crazies in the GOP.

  • robert in nyc

    Steve, No.3….I’m unaware of any pro-gay republican politicians. Does anyone know who they are? They all voted against repealing DADT recently, among other things. Have they authored any pro-gay legislation? Maybe some Log Cabiner can provide that information?

  • Jaroslaw

    #14 Dr – You can give her the benefit of the doubt if you wish, and I’m not against that. What I’m saying that you’re not hearing (and apparently you don’t read your own writing – ) holding Meghan accountable for what she says and analyzing her views/politics is not (or should not) alienate ALL straight allies. Or do you feel she is not responsible for the views she holds or what she says?

  • ewe

    @Gary B.: NO. She should not be given credibility to one day turn around her opinions on a dime and that is the genetic DNA this tart comes from.. Do not forget that. Megan McCain is a privileged child of extreme wealth. She speaks for no one except that sector.

  • Jaroslaw

    Ewe, you cannot presume that just because someone is wealthy that they ALWAYS, Only, and everywhere speak just to preserve their own wealth. Very often they do, but quite a number of wealthy people have donated all they have to help and taken up causes etc. Elizabeth Taylor for example pretty much only got grief for her advocacy of people with AIDS.

    And since you like simplicity so much, remember a poor man never gave anyone a job!

  • Jeffree

    It’s fair to say that Meghan’s last name alone gives her a platform to speak publicly. How she uses her name is up to her. I doubt she’s going public/speaking out just for the money (unlike Bristol Palin) because both her parents are loaded.

    Clearly, she has taken on a very “unpopular” issue in the Repub. party, runs contrary to the Repub. party line—and most important–runs the direct opposite of her father on issues of GLB rights. Would we prefer it if she were out there speaking against LGB equality??

    That takes some decent amount of courage & strength of character, especially when she *Could* be just silent and stay out of the public eye.

  • ewe

    @Jaroslaw: lol. Elizabeth Taylor is a complete crackpot. Looney tunes. I understand your point but i do not believe it regarding this girly girl being given a free ticket to a national audience. She does not speak for me because she no experience of oppression.

  • ewe

    @Jaroslaw: And Jaroslaw, there is nothing simple about being poor. The simpleton is anyone who believes this McCain woman has anything important to say for the national stage. You should get real. If she was not who she is then there is no way she would even be reaching a hundred people. Your sense of optimism and politcal correct response to this horseshit coming out of her mouth is nothing but elitism doling out tokens.

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    The only voice she has for Gay people is one of hypocrisy and I for one don’t want her speaking for me! She says she is pro gya and enjoys the press that brings her to sell her book, and then shops at target, lets them sell her book and brags about it to boot. She’s more abhorrent than her Dad!

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