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Michael Cimino is flooding basements with his soaking wet pits & rock-hard abs in new thirst traps

Michael Cimino

Michael Cimino is all growed up!

While the 23-year-old rose to fame as the adorable, clean-cut baby gay coming to terms with his authentic self on the Hulu series Love, Victor, Cimino is now a full-fledge adult hunk.

And based on his latest slab of sizzling photos, he’s ready to slay his thirst trap era.

With his hotness too much to bear, Cimino cooled his rippling muscles by getting drenched under a shower while in various stages of undress.

The photo shoot, lensed by photographer Serena Chen, featured the “Never Have I Never” stunner flaunting his hairy pits and six-pack abs as the water trickled down to satiate every inch of his impressive physique.

Sporting long wavy locks and a scruffy beard, Cimino was bringing the bad boy himbo vibes and making us think all sorts of naughty things.

Since Love, Victor wrapped up its run in 2022, the rising star has been working hard to bulk up.

“I was doing weightlifting and boxing on Monday,” he told The Messenger in August. “On Tuesday, I go and rock climb. Then Wednesday, weightlifting and boxing. Thursday, rock climbing. Friday, same thing, and then Saturday go rock climbing again.”

“I just go to some indoor gyms by my house,” the Puerto Rican hottie added. “I bounce around to a few different ones because my friends like to climb, too. It’s just fun. Obviously it’s always good to stay active.”

The twink to twunk struggle is real.

You can stream more of Cimino’s body of work on the fourth season of Netflix‘s Never Have I Ever, and by gazing at these smoldering shots from his Instagram page:

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