In mind-boggling interview, Kayleigh McEnany refers questions back to… herself? What?

Unfortunately, because Donald Trump is president until noon on January 20, 2021, we’re still going to have to deal with being gaslit by White House officials for a little while longer.

Soon-to-be-ex-White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany went on Fox and Friends this morning to talk about Trump’s epic loss, which she says is actually an epic win.

“We expect to continue on as the Trump administration,” she said, adding that “all laws are being followed.”

But that’s not even the weird part.

Asked whether Trump would allow President-elect Joe Biden to receive daily intelligence briefings as he prepares to take over the job in January, McEnany declined to answer the question, instead kicking it back to the White House.

“I haven’t spoken to the president about that,” she said, adding, “That would be a question more for the White House.”

Of course, the person at the White House who would answer that question… is Kayleigh McEnany. So she essentially told Fox & Friends that she couldn’t answer the question and that they would need to ask her instead.


This might help explain things…

For the past few weeks, McEnany has been appearing on Fox News as a “private citizen” and Trump campaign adviser, not as the White House press secretary–two jobs she has been holding simultaneously despite ethics complaints.

Whether or not this is even legal is up for debate. The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from engaging in campaign activity in their official roles. But it’s not like that has ever stopped the Trump klan before.

69 days until Inauguration Day, folx!

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