The Mister International Korea contestants have something to show you

Competition leads to innovation, or something.

And while the idea of a gaggle of gorgeous guys posing in their underwear isn’t altogether novel, does it really matter?

The men of the Mister International Korea Pageant gathered to show off the goods in white briefs, and so keen are they to be respectfully objectified that the organization posted some revealing behind-the-scenes footage.

The Mister International Organization says its goal is to empower men to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best.

Korea’s pageant takes place October 19, and we sure hope these guys are feeling extra confident:

Mister International Korea 2017 contestants Underwear Photoshoot

Posted by Mister International Korea Pageant on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Posted by Mister International Korea Pageant on Sunday, September 17, 2017

Check out some of the photos they took below:

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  • Smith David

    Cashier, ring me up. I’ll take the entire set:)

    • zxcv

      Of course you would say something like that

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    That first pic with the guy on his knee…….YUMMMM

  • Juanjo

    Oh baby, I regret I did not stay in Korea back in the 1990s when I had the chance to do so.

  • Shounae

    What a sad thing it is to be Asian? Muscle yeah ok but look at their bulge lol They have no dick at all, they are worst than prepubescent babies hahahaha Nothing tops black ebony chocolate wood for this white boi pu$$y

    • griffin87

      Quick, someone get an orange road pilon for Shounae to sit down on. Wait, better yet, someone get her a fire hydrant…

    • zxcv

      Why does Queerty refuse to remove hateful comments such as Shounae’s?? Typical Americans & their race problems

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