Moscow Gay Club Suffers Wave of Creative and Terrifying Violence

gay-russiaExactly zero percent of Queerty readers will be surprised to learn that there has been another antigay attack in Russia.

And we’re not talking about some isolated hate speech out in the sticks; or one unfortunate victim who was mugged in a dark alley. Nope — the attackers are getting so brazen that this time they released a toxic gas at Central Station, in a crowded nightclub with a generally gay clientele. Five hundred people were present, some of whom needed medical attention but refused to go to the hospital, perhaps because they didn’t want to have to explain what they were doing at a gay club.

Fortunately, Central Station was equipped with a “smoke removal machine,” according to media reports. Why would a club have such a machine handy? Probably because this is the fourth time that they’ve been the victims of a gas attack.

Oh and the attacks don’t stop there. A few weeks ago, someone fired a gun in the club. Another harasser hung a banner reading “GAY CLUB ENTRANCE” to try to intimidate clientele. And on one more occasion, someone blasted disruptive music at the entrance.

Who is the Boris Badenov behind all this? According to Central Station’s owner, Andrew Leszczynski, it’s the real estate company that owns the building. It’s unclear if that’s true, but Leszczynski’s appealed to police for help so we should be getting to the bottom of this aaaaaaaaaany day now.

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  • 2eo

    Fagburn has told us nothing is happening in Russia, he knows this because in his bedsit while he jacks off to his “zion” conspiracy book collection and writing articles denying the holocaust and demanding Chelsea Manning be executed. All this leaves him in the unenviable position of being the lord of Russia, Putin literally answers to him.

    These vermin are even gassing people now, they truly are neo fascist christian extremists, they want genocide, like the Nazi’s did, literally the same tactics.

  • Pistolo

    Wow. See, the world is becoming just as discriminating as it is accepting. Now people who are gay have 10 times the visibility but that same exposure is used by militant homophobes to propagandize mistreatment of LGBT people. Two steps forward, one step back.

    Anyone who says “Oh gay people are everywhere, they have everything, it’s so PC these days” is full of s–t. Legalizing marriage in the US alone doesn’t preventing these things from happening.

  • Stache1

    @2eo: In countries like Russia there needs to be a easy scapegoat. Before it was the Jews. Then the foreign workers. Now it’s the LGBT’s turn. Added benefit is that no one will give a shit about them.

  • chrismshelley

    A lot of night clubs are equipped with smoke removal machines to evacuate cigarette smoke from the air. They’re sometimes called “smoke eaters.”

  • Callum

    In fairness, my thought — a theatre technician — is that they probably had a smoke remover in order to stop the air becoming too clogged with haze (the stuff that clubs are pumped full of so that you can see the beams of light).

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