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Nancy Pelosi Releases Most Uninspiring ‘It Gets Better’ Video To Date

Don’t get me wrong: It’s great to see Nancy Pelosi follow Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with her It Gets Better number. But my god, I can’t think of any child who is going to see this and think, “Wow, am I no longer depressed.” Not that these videos need to have pop soundtracks and be full of laughter, but, HEY NANCY: This is not a speech to Congress. You are talking to children. Ditch the speech writers. And sense the tone.

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  • Mike

    Actually, the most uninspiring ‘It get’s better’ video would have to be Kesha’s. “Like guys umm like don’t kill yourselves *hehe*” You can’t honestly tell me that this is worse than that?

  • Theo

    Thank you for adding your voice. I really appreciate that.

  • Ran

    I don’t agree that its the most uninspiring to date. Her message is good. In fact, she brings up some good points. Nit-picking, it could have a little more energy in places and it’s not quite solid (delivery) in a couple places. It’s a lot to say, and again not bad at all, but I’d have her do another just the same. Maybe even break it up. Still, it’s definitely a worthy addition to the project.

  • Kev C

    They really are beating this message into the kids. Pummelling the children with hope!

  • Peter

    Until now, we have never had so many high officials, Speaker of the House, President, Secretary of State, making such gay-friendly statements. This is a huge step forward. Even if you would have it scripted or directed differently, the fact is that they are all stepping up to the plate on an important issue for gays in this country. Let’s acknowledge progress and something good when we get it, and not just do the “Queerty whining” all the time.

  • Jason Dancin' to the Beat

    Actually I found this to be the most moving and inspiring of the bunch. She’s genuine, speaks softly, and I know that what she says she means. Queerty, what are you talking about? Your usual snarkiness! I’m so glad she took the time to make this video.

  • JoeyB

    Yeah, like any kid really is going to listen to this woman, who has done very little for us in Congress. Celebrities and politicians have taken over this project, and it’s just one more PR stunt to make people feel better about themselves, but with no real, concrete measures. Garbage.

  • Jackson

    Very uninspiring. She managed to turn it into a campaign speech.

  • ewe

    How in the hell do straight people know if a gay persons life gets any better? The audacity!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s being turned into a circus.

  • Gridlock

    “the fact is that they are all stepping up to the plate on an important issue for gays in this country”

    Yeah, they stepped up to the plate on lots of important issues, using lots of nice words… while all the time fighting against the very issues they said they supported.

    Words are meaningless when they are actively engaged in preventing said words from becoming reality.

    They are not stepping up to the plate when they defend out inequality in court.

  • CJ

    She’s in a difficult position. Being Pelosi, she’s filled with political baggage. Having the American flag in the background and talking about politics in the video is also a bit “too political” in some ways. BUT, she does make a good point that progress is being made in laws. So, maybe a little less “political speak” and scenery — and narrow down to the LGBT community that as a society – progress is happening as we speak. It gets better… and will continue to. (In spite of Obama)

  • Chris

    The last few seconds are moving, she struggles to create an intimate relationship with the viewer before that.

  • hephaestion

    I think Pelosi’s “It Gets Better” speech is fantastic. What kind of fucking “It Gets Better” speech do you think we’ll get from John Boehner if Republicans win a majority in the Congress, as could happen November 2nd??
    Pelosi’s tone is what it SHOULD BE for a Speaker of the House. She knew that kids would get other messages from other “It Gets Better” clips, so she needed to focus on that which is in her realm to help us.
    I applaud Pelosi, and I say “Fuck you” and “Grow a fucking BRAIN” to whoever called her clip uninspiring.

  • Craig

    This botoxed hag needs to retire…

  • Kip

    Everyone from NPH to ths lame politco – all publicity seekers – totally for their own benefit.

  • Slap the Bitch

    I think GetEqual should go slap Pelosi again. Their efforts have already hurt her, maybe they should finish her off. I think Harry Reid is in trouble, too partly because of those morons.

    The worst thing to happen to the LGBT Community is GetSTUPID. They have helped Republicans and made us all look like ignorant losers.

  • Paul

    As usual queerty is the bully….the staff on this site is just pathetic and no one I would want to represent me….to bad people think we are all in line with the thoughts on this blog. You really need to THINK before you write, never in my life has there been such an out pouring of support and you spend time finding fault with it…..”PATHETIC”

  • the crustybastard

    Okay, seriously: no more politicians telling any gay person “it gets better.” Politicians have gone out of their way to ensure that it doesn’t.

    Contrary to Ms Pelosi’s assertions, the fact that LGBT citizens are excluded from enjoying many substantial fundamental, constitutional and civil rights is prima facie evidence that neither she nor our Congress are “striving to achieve equality.”

    The hate crimes law is hardly evidence that they have been busting ass for us. It merely included perceived sexual orientation and disability to the list of classifications already protected. Hetero is an orientation that is equally protected under the Shepard/Bryd Act, so it’s not even specific to our community.

    Furthermore, that law didn’t advance gay rights any more that the federal mandatory minimum sentencing law advanced human rights. Hell, it didn’t even address rights at all, except to the extent that it granted the feds the right to intervene in a pending case, and it included a statement that the law couldn’t be applied in any way that infringes on any person’s First Amendment rights.

    If any politician wants to address LGBT Americans of any age, it ought to be in the form of an apology, rather than the form of a self-congratulatory speech.

    Have a little shame, ferchrissakes.

  • whatever

    Yeah, it is lame. The one that Boehner did is much more enphathetic. Oh wait…

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