promises, promises

Nancy Pelosi Says a DADT Vote Will Come This Year. Wait, She Expects Us to Take Her Word For It?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is promising a full floor vote on repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell by the end of 2010. Well, her office is calling it an “intention.” We’re calling it either a) a reaction to GetEQUAL storming her office; b) lip service; or c) both.

Yet another Democratic lawmaker posturing for the mid-term elections in November. There is no guarantee of a vote here. Sorry if we’re the cynics in the room, and we know this is politics after all, but Democratic leaders already had their fun toying with gay voters in the 2008 election. YOU DON’T GET TO DO IT AGAIN IN 2010. This is just a half-hearted crumb in the hopes you’ll lay off her back, and she think you’re just gullible enough — to wait for a time when the Democrats just may not have the votes to push it through. This is the same woman who said 2010 would not be the year for “controversial” bills, including immigration reform and DADT. Pelosi, who is a very, very smart woman, is not our ally until she proves it.