NBC’s “Days Of Our Lives” Introduces Gay-Bullying Storyline

NBC’s daytime drama Days of Our Lives was a little late to the gay-character party, only introducing out teen Will Horton (Chandler Massey) in 2009. But next Wednesday, the show takes a bold step by addressing the bullying epidemic faced by LGBT youth nationwide.

In the August 22 episode, another gay character, Sonny (played by Freddie Smith, right) will be attacked by a supposed friend afraid Sonny’s trying to “turn” him gay.

Smith, who joined Days a year-and-a-half ago, tells Windy City Times the storyline is “intense”: “We’re showing both sides of it. We’ll see where Sonny is coming from, and where the bully is coming from. It’ll be great to see people grow and mature.”

With the proliferation of articles, books and films addressing bullying, a storyline on a soap opera might seem like small potatoes. But, despite the genre’s flagging popularity, soaps still reach millions of people in their homes day after day, and can have a surprisingly profound affect on viewer’s worldview.

After all, Joe Biden infamously said a sitcom, Will & Grace, helped change his mind on gay marriage. And Will & Grace didn’t even have the divineDeidre Hall.


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  • Dustolio

    To clarify, Will has been a character on the show since he was born in the 90’s (God that I know that…) he only came out this year.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    We’ll see where Sonny is coming from, and where the bully is coming from. It’ll be great to see people grow and mature.

    So they’re going to legitimize gay panic?

  • OutMaturity

    Great to see that they are dealing with this issue where other shows/genre of TV has not.

    Unfortunately bullying of gays in nothing new, and as long as we are made to appear as “second-class” citizens by elected officials and others, bullying will continue! Not only to our youth, but also our elders or any of us!


  • Lazycrockett

    The real story is Will after rejecting Sonny’s advances and realizing his mistake sees Sonny with someone else gets depressed and goes and sleeps with his ex GIRLFRIEND cause you know that’s what gays do when their upset.

  • BT

    When is Will going to start bottoming? Gays that don’t have sex? Come on already Days – let the kid get laid already.

  • spooge bob


    Sonny’s attacker will be Jennifer Horton Deveraux wielding a chicken sandwich

  • toolazytochooseaname(oyeahitshouldbelazygirl i am lazy

    even too lazy to write a comment lol but cant wait for this story!!!!!!!!! Gay storyline is my new obsession actuall Will and Sonny is or Sonny and whoever he chooses to be with.Hope I dont cry too muvh when I have to watch him get beaten or hurt I might have to close my eyes :(

  • randallreynolds

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: They’re legitimizing nothing, but acknowledging that homophobia exists. The story line is intended to follow everyone involved as they grow together. This is a reflection of our current society, and it is positive for the LGBT movement.

  • Jorel

    No gay agenda they’s all in your head they said..Yeah sure gay isn’t being forced by the liberal media..give me’s all over the news,in the movies, on daytime(not that I watch that crap)..anti-gay has grown proportional to the amount of gay being forced on fatigue..

  • ForsakenShinigami

    Jorel: if you are against the gay agenda soooo much then why are you on this website?

    I really don’t understand you homophobes, you hate gays and yet you keep following us around, anyway

    Anyway, respoding to your insane rant: What is it with people who bitch and whine about gayness being crammed down their throats but never for a second do they stop to consider gay people’s point of view? How do you think we feel about society ramming down heterosexuality down our throats with their movies, books, TV shows, music?

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