NC Woman Claims Mall Cop Stopped Her Because Of Anti-Amendment One Sign

It’s bad enough Amendment One passed. But the measure was doubly troubling for one Charlotte, NC, woman: She was detained yesterday because she had a homemade No on Amendment One sign on her car.

Lori Taylor, 41, filed a report with Pineville police on Tuesday after a “public-safety employee” at Carolina Place Mall blocked her car in and refused to move unless she removed a laminated “Vote Against Amendment One” sign on her vehicle.

Taylor tells the Charlotte Observer that when she asked what the problem was, the unnamed rent-a-cop explained, ‘There’s no politicking at Carolina Place,” and gestured toward the sign:

“I said, ‘Sir I’m not breaking the law. I’m not putting out anything at Carolina Place Mall, or anything of the sort.”

“…He just kept saying there’s no politicking. He didn’t give me a reason. He was detaining me.”

After about five minutes, she asked to speak to a supervisor. The employee radioed and spoke with a superior, then moved his car and allowed her to leave.  “He looked at the back window and shook his head and got back in the car,” Taylor said. “I waited for an apology. I waited for an ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to detain you.’ There was nothing but a smirk. And then he left.”

Taylor’s actually pretty lucky. If she had an Obama/Biden 2012 bumper sticker he would’ve Tased her.

Photo: Columbia Pictures