Disorder in the court

Neo-Nazi who called for “extermination” of queers gets outed in court

Andrew Dymock

A British man accused of leading a neo-Nazi group with a rabid anti-LGBTQ stance has outed himself as bisexual amid court proceedings.

Prosecutors allege that Andrew Dymock, 23, from Bath, served as a leader and mentor for the System Resistance Network (SRN), a neo-Nazi group. Lawyers in the case also claim that Dymock authored several manifestos for the group, including one titled  “Homosexuality: the Eternal Social Menace.” The article declares that queer people “are simply degenerate and must be purged from society for the greater good”.

Police arrested Dymock in 2018 at Gatwick Airport as he tried to smuggle right-wing propaganda to the United States. Charges against him stem from 2017 and 2018 for disseminating hateful propaganda on the SRN website and Twitter account.

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The BBC reports that prosecutor Jocelyn Ledward referred to SRN as anti-Semitic, and presented material that was part of “an agenda against the LGBT community.” Prosecutors also presented two video clips, one showing masked men–one of whom is allegedly Dymock–encouraging viewers to  “join your local Nazis.” Another showed two masked men putting up anti-gay posters and stickers in a neighborhood just prior to a Pride event.

As a strange coda to all this evidence, jurors also heard recordings of a police interview with Dymock, in which he actually comes out himself.

“I am bisexual but lean towards being homosexual,” Dymock says in the recording. Also of note: Dymock wore a pride flag pin on his lapel during the court appearance.

Andrew Dymock stands accused of five counts of encouraging terrorism, four of disseminating terrorist publications, two of terrorist fundraising, one of possessing material useful to a terrorist, one of possessing racially inflammatory material, one of stirring up racial hatred, and one of stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation. He has denied all charges.