shocked-man-with-phone-6201Cheating gay boyfriends across South America were outraged last week after learning about a new smartphone app that tracks their infidelities and discreetly reports back to their lovers.

In other news, half of Rio is now single.

The AP reports that “tens of thousands” of Brazilians downloaded the “Boyfriend Tracker” app from the Google Play app store before it was discontinued following customer complaints last week. According to reports, the app would send location information, duplicated text messages and even internet history to a person that had stealthily installed the software for $2.

Perhaps what’s most troubling is a feature that allowed a spy lover to essentially “pocket dial” their lovers’ phone to listen in on conversations at any time.

Although Google has failed to comment on why the “Boyfriend Tracker” has been removed from their online store, critics say the app violated privacy rights and could be used for “more sinister reasons.”

Whatever, said Matheus Grijo, the 24-year-old mastermind behind the app. He says the app is only permitted for “social and recreational use,” and more than half of its 50,000 users have reported positive feedback.

“In Brazil, we have this culture of switching partners really quickly, so this is a way of dealing with that,” he said. “People really appreciate having a tool to help them find out whether they’re being cheated on.”

A culture of switching partners really quickly? No wonder why Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis are always there!

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