Silver lining

Clinic sees HIV transmission rates plummet under COVID-19

Amid the reverberations of a global pandemic, a silver lining has appeared: a London-based health clinic has found that the rate of new HIV infections has dropped significantly as a result of social distancing.

“Fewer hook-ups since lockdown has resulted in a huge reduction of HIV and other STIs. The chain is broken,” the clinic 56 Dean Street wrote on its website. The group went on to declare the coronavirus pandemic as a “once-in-a-generation opportunity in the fight against HIV.”

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“What’s more,” the group adds, “when someone first catches the virus, they are super infectious and more likely to pass on HIV than normal. But because there aren’t many super infectious people around, this has reduced transmission even further.”

56 Dean Street further encourages sexually active people to get tested for STDs as the lockdown continues, as cutting down on infections now means less spread later.

“We might never get this opportunity again,” the clinic said on Twitter.