New Music From Stevie Nicks & Britney Spears, Natalia Kill, Rich Aucoin, And More!

You queens want dance pop? Well I’ll give you dance pop: How about a Stevie Nicks/Britney Spears mash-up?

Sure Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” has been remixed, like, a gajillion times, and sweet baby Satan knows this “Till the Dream Ends” mash-up by DJ Lobsterdust isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff. But as novelty tracks go, we can get behind this.

And apparently so can Britney.

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Canadian indie-pop cutie Rich Aucoin’s latest EP, We’re All Dying to Live, may have hit the U.S. back in October, but he’s just now making his way stateside for some tour dates. Aucoin—whose video for “It” you can check out abovve—is coming to New York, New Orleans, Santa Monica and L.A. later in January and if you happen to be in any of those cities, we seriously recommend you check him out. He’s in the same poppy vein as Mika and Patrick Wolfe, but without the latter’s depressive melodrama or the former’s sensory overload. Think big open pop: The kind of music that makes you feel like there’s a big and bright blue sky up there, even in the dead of winter.

Lord knows we could use that.

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For something a little moodier out of Canada, there’s Trust’s new track, “Bulbform.” The song, above, precedes the Toronto duo’s debut album, TRST, which comes out in February. Lead singer Robert Alfons used to take photos for OMG Blog, so the band has been getting a bit of love from that direction.

Their sound is more danceable than a lot of the dark synth and witch-house stuff out there—more in line with Fever Ray and The Knife than, say, Salem (or S4L3M, however the hell you’re supposed to type that)

If “Bulbform” grabs you, Trust’s clip for “Candy Walls” is worth checking out as well.

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