All Seton Hall University’s Women and Gender Department wanted to do was teach a class about gay marriage from an academic perspective, the same way another four-year liberal arts university might teach a class on Catholicism, without actually advocating the religious teaching. Then Archbishop John J. Myers, of Newark (naturally, the saddest of diocese), got all upset about a Catholic school teaching a class about about gay marriage.

Says Myers, who is the chairman of Seton Hall’s board of trustees, but does not have the authority to shut down a college class: “This proposed course seeks to promote as legitimate a train of thought that is contrary to what the Church teaches. As a result, the course is not in synch with Catholic teaching. Consequently, the board of trustees of Seton Hall have asked the board of regents to investigate the matter of this proposed course and to take whatever action is required under the law to protect the Catholicity of this university.”

Ah yes. Let’s let religious fundamentalism get in the way of scholarly thought. “The course will teach various cultural perspectives of marriage, such as Eurocentric and Asian views, [W. King Mott, the professor who will teahc the class,] said,” reports the Setonian. “The course will also include an analysis of the contemporary political situation regarding gay marriage, such as Proposition 8 in California. Additionally, it will include a look at which states allow and prohibit gay marriage and what that means, Mott said. Finally, students taking the course will write an analysis on gay marriage from a perspective they choose after they have been educated on the issue. The course is available to upper level students of any major.”

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